About Trust

To be the number one platform for testimonials & ratings.

We improve our customers’ conversion rates by helping them to show and capture testimonials & ratings on their websites.

  • Our aim is to build an easy-to-use platform that helps our customers.
  • The goal of Trust is to help businesses achieve growth through social proof.
  • Our customers always come first.
  • Honesty is our primary policy, when it comes to our customers and our team.
  • Family and health come first in our team – we take care of our own.

Carsten Schaefer

Founder, Lead Developer

Carsten is the founder of Trust. After a long career in consulting and software developments, he now helps small businesses raise their conversion rate and gain more clients online.

Nadiia Shevelieva

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Lonin

Lead Frontend Developer

Vien Nguyen

Frontend Developer

Ritesh Gite

Backend Developer

Finn Lobsien

Email Marketing & Copywriting Expert

Vitalii Kozlo

UX/UI and WordPress Guy

Mile Živković

Content Marketing Specialist

Julia Samoilenko

Marketing & Copywriting Nerd


Bug & Mouse Hunter