12 Smart Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

boost blog traffic

Users find blogs more attractive than official brand websites because blogs allow for interaction between authors and readers. For this reason, businesses almost always have blogs integrated on their websites now. However, having a blog adds to your responsibilities as you now have to take care of both your business website as well as the blog. So, how do you get a good blog traffic? Well, here are 12 best ways to do just that.


Choose your blog topic carefully

Before worrying about anything else, the most important thing about having or starting a successful blog is coming up with the right topic. You don’t necessarily have to target a popular subject. Look for subtopics and niches within the popular subject to appeal to potential audiences.

For example, rather than making your blog all about health, you could focus on a subtopic of that like yoga. It is an intelligent marketing tactic because there is always lesser competition in a niche market than there is in a mainstream market.


Leverage your strengths

When it comes to choosing the topic of your website, you have to look into your strengths to pick one in which you can become an authority figure. Do not pick a topic just because a lot of people are following it.

For a blog to be successful, you need to come up with interesting and high-quality content frequently. That’s possible only when you know a lot about the subject and have much interest in it.


Use analytics to your advantage

You cannot think of making a website successful unless you are monitoring its success through your visitors. Google Analytics and other similar tools let you gather a lot of critical data of your website visitors that you can use to make your blog more attractive to them. This analytical data will tell you who your target audience is and which topics they visit the most on your blog.

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Use this information to your advantage to come up with more posts related to that topic, and find ways to tweak the content to the demographics your audience belongs to.


Make your posts visually appealing

You have to look for ways to make your content visually appealing for your target audience. Internet users love visuals.

Several statistics have shown that they would almost always prefer a post with a visual over one without it. Infographics can prove to be extremely helpful in getting the attention of your readers towards your posts. Even if you can’t find graphs and charts, you could put in visuals to set the tone of your post.


Write valuable content

One of the things you must learn about successful blogs is that the content keeps the audience engaged for a long time. The most efficient way of doing that is actually by writing long posts. Posts that contain only 500 words are not the best strategy today.

In fact, your posts can be up to 3,000 words today and still attract a lot of traffic. Keep in mind that the longer your posts are, the more your readers think of you as the thought leader in that particular subject.


Make use of social media

No digital marketing list can ever be fully complete without social media on it. Your social media followers are going to be your best readers. Writing a post on your blog is not enough. What you have to do is share those posts on your social media platforms.

The best strategy is to share a snippet of your blog post on social media and provide users with a link to your blog to read the full article.


Tweak content according to social media

When it comes to using social media to get traffic on your blog, you have to know the different flavors of these platforms. You can’t write a blog post and simply share it on every social networking platform that you have prior to tweaking them first.

Facebook works different from Google Plus; Instagram is different from LinkedIn; Pinterest is completely different from Twitter, and the list goes on and on.

Whatever post you write, you have to convert it in the format that would best suit all your social media accounts. Make it an infographic when posting on Pinterest; create a mix of text and visuals when targeting Facebook; and slides are perfect for LinkedIn.


Write guest posts

Guest posting is one of the best tools for any blogger. Guest posts are meant to appear on other blogs and must contain a link to your blog for the readers to follow.

What this means is that by writing high-quality posts, you can benefit from the readers of other blogs. It is not easy to convince other bloggers to host your content but if your content’s quality is high, they won’t mind giving you the favor.

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Make your blog visually appealing

The idea of making things visually appealing does not apply solely to your blog posts. It also applies to the overall look of your blog as well.

Choose, design, or have someone create a blog template that goes with your niche, writing style, the industry you are writing for, and overall voice or your blog. A blog about small business advice should look clean and professional whereas a blog that belongs to a cartoonist must be bright, colorful, and funky.


Be interactive

One of the reasons why people love blogs more than official businesses websites is because they can talk to and get answers from the authors on the blog. Many businesses have used blogs for customer support purposes, too. Always encourage your readers to comment below your content, and make sure to reply to them without delays.


Take advantage of Quora

Learn to use websites like Quora to answer questions from the public. These Q&A websites are a great way for you to establish yourself as a personal brand and a thought leader.

While answering people’s questions, provide them with a summary or snippet then direct them to your blog if and when they want to know more.

Consider using an article summary generator to efficiently create concise and informative summaries for your blog posts.


Personalize your newsletters and emails

Send frequent newsletters to your audience to tell them what content you have updated on your blog. More importantly, make your newsletters and emails personalized. Address readers with their names; talk to them contextually in the email; and make sure not to sound robotic. Base the content of your emails around your readers’ interests.

While there are many other ways of getting more traffic on your blog, the key idea that you have to wrap your head around is patience. Nothing happens in seconds or even days. It can take months before you start getting any satisfactory response.

Keep posting relevant, trendy, and valuable content so whenever someone lands on your blog, they feel like coming back for more.

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