More Conversions, Less Work: How to use Clients-Convert-Clients Marketing

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If you’ve got a website for your business, you probably want it to turn visitors into a ringing phone, a sale notification or a new request to work with you. With a website like that, you could stop worrying about your business’ future and focus on doing the work you love.

Reality is usually a sharp contrast. Instead of a steady flow of revenue, most business websites generate a steady flow of invoices. Instead of turning visitors into clients, most business websites are like booths at a trade show: People have a look and leave. Many entrepreneurs let the project fade into the background. Making their website work is on the back-burner until things calm down (and they never do).

If you’re reading this, you probably want to improve your Conversion Rate (percentage of users turned into clients/leads). And if you’ve read any number of articles on how to get more clients online, you might think you need to pay an expensive agency, buy thousands of dollars worth of software or get a marketing degree.

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The truth is: Getting clients with your website isn’t all that complicated. If it looks that way, it’s because a lot of service providers profit off of making it seem impossible to solve yourself. In reality, you only need  two low-tech things to watch your website’s results spiral upward.

In this article, you’ll first find out the biggest reason most websites don’t deliver a steady flow of leads/clients. Then, you’ll hear about the two elements to add to your website which turn your visitors and customers into your salesforce.

Why most websites fail

The reason most websites don’t convert is simple: They’re stuck in the past.

For hundreds of years, the standard model of advertising worked something like this:

  1. Buy space or airtime in someone else’s medium.
  2. Bombard people with how awesome you and your product are.
  3. Hope people believe you and buy.

This worked for two reasons:

  • Repetition eventually makes people believe things.
  • Advertising was inescapable. The magazine you bought had ads in it and the commercial break forced you to sit through advertising.

But the internet has transformed the world as well as marketing. People hate greedy corporations. They use AdBlockers and replace cable TV with Netflix in droves. People can choose to follow or not follow someone. They’re not constrained to TV channels or radio stations.

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The internet has given people the choice to ignore your marketing.

Today, people want to feel connected. They want to be part of a movement, a community, a tribe. If you consistently create this feeling in them, start a waitlist to work with you, cause you’ll be busy. But if your website doesn’t create this emotion, visitors turn the other way.

And a website with a low Conversion Rate (CR) doesn’t create this feeling of belonging.

And it’s not your fault. Many guides, blog articles and courses teach the old way of force-feeding people a message.

But force-feeding your audience doesn’t work anymore. People turn the other way. What works now is building connections.

What is Clients-Convert-Clients marketing?

Think about the explosive success of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These networks connect people at scale. That’s why they’re popular. And leveraging this effect is the secret of CCC marketing.

The only connection a conventional website can make is that between you/your business and your visitor. Sure, you can get better at this: Improving copy, modern design, a cool logo etc. But one person staring at a static website doesn’t make visitors feel they’re part of something bigger.

But if your website connects people to each other, you’ll magnetize clients.

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Think about it this way: When you buy something online, a product page unites the traditional (in form of the product description) and the new way of marketing (interconnection with other people through reviews). What do you trust more, the product description or the reviews?

You probably chose the reviews. Now, what if you could help visitors and clients see you through each others eyes, raise your conversion rate and attract more visitors to your site?

That’s exactly what Clients-Convert-Clients marketing does for you. The underlying mechanism is called Social Proof (SP). If you’re familiar with SP, feel free to skip the quick explanation in the next paragraph.

How your visitors grow exponentially

“Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd”.

attributed to P.T. Barnum

Humans do what other humans do. Take 3 of your friends and stare at the sky. Others will look at the sky for the simple reason that you and your friends do it. We feel validated when we do what others do, so we copy them. That’s Social Proof.

So when you leverage social proof, visitors become more visitors and conversions become more conversions, sending your marketing into an upward spiral. And we believe that’s the future of marketing.

Enter Client-Converts-Client marketing

With Clients-Convert-Clients (CCC) marketing, you leverage Social Proof and notifications to connect your business to your customers and interconnect your visitors to create an avalanche of conversions.

Think about it like a spider web. Imagine a spider placing single threads  here and there. The chance of a fly landing into one of the threads is tiny and the spider would starve. Spider 2 interconnects its strings and spins a web. Spider 2 is much more effective and gets all the food while the first spider starves.

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With CCC, you build a web instead of distributing loose threads.

Clients-Convert-Clients marketing has two central components:

  1. Social Proof is central to the CCC process: It creates trust by showing your customers what others think of you and your products or services and how popular you are.
  2. Notification tools guide more people (back) onto your website. This feeds the Social Proof tools to make them more effective as well as giving you another chance to convert users who haven’t converted before.

These two components combine to create an upward spiral which raises your conversion rate: Social proof improves your CR and helps you leverage that conversion rate by using notification tools to send more visitors back to your site and get more sales. Those sales then make your Social Proof even more effective. And then the circle starts again…

This helps you:

  • Finally attract the clients you want using your website—without spending hours on finally getting your design right or paying an expensive agency.
  • Maximize the leverage you get out of ad campaigns (once your CCC mechanisms capture all the ad campaign visitors, your site becomes more effective).
  • Automatically raise your conversion rate and grow your audience with a minimal time investment. That way, CCC frees up your time and lets you focus on what you do best instead of managing dozens of softwares and plugins.
  • Finally “check off” making your website work for you from your to-do list.

Now, you might be wondering how you can implement CCC marketing in your business.

How to make your clients convert each other

These are the two things you need to leverage CCC marketing:

  1. A way your clients can let each other know about you.
  2. Ways to get clients and visitors (back) onto your page.

Now, you could do this manually: Send your clients emails, ask them for testimonials, code them into your website and wait until more people see it.

The problem: You do all the work. You put in hours before CCC takes effect. And as CCC becomes more effective over time, you’ll have to put in even more hours, keeping up with your growing customer base.

Your second option is using software. There is a lot of social proof software out there and many ways to reach your clients. The issue you’ll notice is that trying to get an arsenal of tools to work in harmony is complicated. You have to fuss around with settings and overload your website with bloated software. Plus you’ll likely add a few hundred dollars a month to your expenses, plus the time you lose implementing with the technology.

The easiest way to implement CCC marketing in your business is the first Clients-Convert-Clients marketing platform. It combines various tools such as testimonial gathering, push notifications and many more to work in harmony to unleash a conversion avalanche on your website.

You can set everything up in 5 minutes without any tech knowledge. unifies all the tools you need for Clients-Convert-Clients marketing to work for your business in one simple dashboard.

Plus: You can currently get FREE access to the full version of the platform. 

Learn more about here.

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