Want to Get a Winning Free Coaching Testimonial in 2 Minutes? Here’s How!

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As a coach, you need testimonials to let your potential clients know what you’re talking about.

Testimonials confirm your claims and celebrate your wins like no other sales medium. 

So if you’re on the hunt to gather testimonials and have no idea where to begin, we’re here to show you the best method to collect a high-converting free coaching testimonial with minimal effort.

Let’s dive right in.


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How can testimonials help your coaching business flourish?

How do you request testimonials from your coaching clients?

Coaching testimonial questions to ask your clients

7 easy steps to collect a powerful coaching testimonial for free using AI

  • Step 1: Launch the free AI Testimonial Generator by Trust
  • Step 2: Select your desired language
  • Step 3: Enter your coaching service details
  • Step 4: List your coaching center’s name
  • Step 5: List down your best keywords
  • Step 7: Access and copy the testimonial
  • Bonus feature

5 inspiring coaching testimonial examples by Trust

  • #1. Testimonial for a mental health coach
  • #2. Testimonial for a life coach
  • #3. Testimonial for a business coach
  • #4. Testimonial for a coaching institute
  • #5. Testimonial for a fitness coach

Wrapping up: Getting a coaching testimonial


Here’s a quick summary of the article:


  • Testimonials influence potential clients into signing up as they boost social proof and play with consumer psychology. That means potential clients can relate to your past clients, and that’s only possible through testimonials.
  • To request client testimonials, notice for signs where your clients are happy with your coaching, use a testimonial generation tool like Trust to create and publish testimonial in the stress free way, send survey forms, reach out to clients one-on-one, and make the testimonial submission process simple for your clients.
  • Ask super specific questions to your clients to ensure the testimonial can be tailored to reach your expectations.
  • If asking for testimonials and creating them stresses you out, let AI help you. Trust’s free AI Testimonial Generator tool enables you to generate compelling testimonials in two minutes for free.

Want to give it a try? 👇

free ai testimonial generator


How can testimonials help your coaching business flourish?

Picture this.

You come across a new online shopping store to purchase a recently launched designer bag.

But considering the number of sites selling fake goods online, you start to have second thoughts before shelling out your money. 

And then you scroll down on their website to notice a shiny, verified customer testimonial that praises the same designer bag you had your eyes on. You are now super convinced about this purchase.

Now that’s the power testimonials hold for your coaching business as well.

People listen to people.

And there is no better way to entice potential clients into signing up with you than by letting them hear it from the best lead magnets – your existing or past clients.

But wait. Testimonials are exceptional, yes. But how do you go about requesting them from your busy clients?


How do you request testimonials from your coaching clients?

Most coaches think asking for a testimonial is an excruciatingly painful and awkward task.

If you’re one of these, we’re here to tell you that it’s not as uncomfortable as you picture it. 

Here’s how you can request a coaching testimonial without overcomplicating things:

  • Notice for signs. As they say, ‘strike while the iron is hot,’ if your clients seem happy about your coaching etiquette or leave a glowy ‘thank you’ message, then it’s go time. Step up and ask if they could write a few words about the results you helped them achieve.
  • Use a testimonial collection tool. Be it video or text testimonials, a testimonial collection tool can request testimonials in seconds. An all-in-one tool like Trust lets you collect and publish testimonials with its brilliant features. 
  • Send surveys. Surveys are the simplest yet most effective ways to gather client feedback and use them as testimonials. But before publishing your client’s answers from surveys, ensure you acquire their permission first. 
  • Reach out to your clients. At the end of all the coaching sessions, start reaching out to clients personally through a direct message, email, or phone call, and check if they’re willing to talk about their results. 
  • Make it easy. Ask clients specific questions that can be instantly answered, so they do not have to overthink what to write. 

Speaking about questions, what can you ask your clients that makes it easy for you to gather a fitting coaching testimonial? Let’s find out.


Coaching testimonial questions to ask your clients

We’ve researched and gathered the best testimonial questions to ask your coaching clients.

You could use these in your surveys, emails, text messages, or phone calls.

So here are 7 powerful questions that fetch client testimonials the right way:


1. What was the best thing you learned by working with me?

This question could give you the unique selling proposition (USP) of your coaching program and use it as the testimonial’s opening. 


2. What did you struggle with before you opted into our coaching sessions?

You could use this question as a pain point for your future clients. 


3. Could you share specific results you achieved from our coaching sessions?

Numbers speak and attract. Get specific numbers from your client’s results and use them to attract potential clients. For instance, “I saw a significant rise in energy levels and a major drop in my weight from over 150 lbs to 120 lbs under a month.”


4. What about our coaching business stood out to you the most?

Through this question, you can curate a testimonial based on how your coaching business is up and above your competition. 


5. What’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us?

You could use this exact word as the testimonial’s headline or opening to make the testimonial more intriguing.


6. Would you be happy to recommend our coaching to other people like yourself?

A simple ‘yes’ from your client could be used to add a ‘highly recommend’ ending to your testimonial.


7. Is there anything we might’ve missed that you wish to share with us?

You never know what else is on your client’s mind. So asking this question could lead to a more genuine, heartfelt testimonial. 


So we’ve covered how to request a coaching testimonial and questions to ask your clients.

It’s now time to get your hands on the ultimate cheatsheet to fetch a winning coaching testimonial using the world’s modern weapon – AI.


7 easy steps to collect a powerful coaching testimonial for free using AI

What if we tell you that collecting coaching client testimonials can be auto-generated through the power of AI using as little as a few keywords?

Let’s find out how it’s done:


Step 1: Launch the free AI Testimonial Generator by Trust

AI Testimonial Generator for a coaching testimonial

The AI Testimonial Generator tool is in-built on Trust, and you do not have to install or log in.

All you need is to launch the tool and let AI do the job for you.

Click here to access this feature.


Step 2: Select your desired language 

Trust’s AI offers multilingual support and currently lets you select either English, Deutsch, or French for testimonial generation. 

So select your preferred language to proceed further.


Step 3: Enter your coaching service details

In the ‘Your business, product or service (overview)’ section, start entering your coaching information.

For instance, if you’re a coach for career, life, family, relationships, mental health, weight training, etc., mention the same.


Step 4: List your coaching center’s name 

Enter the name of your coaching center. You can also enter your full name if you do not go by a business name.


Step 5: List down your best keywords

Keywords are either words or phrases that hold great significance and sum up the gist of your offering.

And why are keywords important in a coaching testimonial?

Because they let readers instantly connect with your business and visualize working with you.

Suppose you’re a life coach. Your keywords or key phrases for a testimonial could be ‘favorite life coach’, ‘the best advice’, ‘on-time support’, ‘hard-hitting advice’, and so on.

Now, returning to our AI Testimonial Generator, start entering your best-suited keywords based on your client’s feedback.

If you’re still unsure, refer back to the answers from your clients for some inspiration. 

Quick note: Remember to separate your keywords using commas for the best results. Try to reach the tool’s 200-character keyword limit to generate soulful, in-depth testimonials. Or, if you prefer shorter testimonials, a couple of keywords would do the trick, too.

Here’s a great example of a career coaching testimonial’s keywords:

Sample coaching testimonial submission for a career coach

Once you’re happy with your keywords, click on Generate

We’re almost done…


Step 7: Access and copy the testimonial 

Now, you must enter your first name and email address for Trust to verify your authenticity.

Once done, click on Submit and then enter the security code emailed to you:

Tip: If you did not receive your security code, keep an eye out for the promotions and spam folders.

A sample email with the verification code

Click on Submit once you enter the security code to access your first AI-generated coaching testimonial. 

And there you have it! A free, ready-to-use, auto-generated testimonial with the power of artificial intelligence in two minutes:

You can simply click on ‘Copy to Clipboard’ to copy and use the testimonial as you please.


Bonus feature 

If you’re a paid Trust user, we have a little something for you…

When you access either Interactive or Smart testimonial request forms on your Trust dashboard, you can find a brand new ‘AI Help’ tab on the left pane:

Settings of Interactive form

Instead of entering keywords yourself (like in the free version), with this paid feature, you can seamlessly collect testimonials directly from your coaching clients using Trust’s intelligent forms.

You must create an Interactive or Smart form, as usual, and send them to your client as a URL or add them to your website.

Before that, don’t forget to enable the slider on the Enable AI based Text Generation option.

So instead of typing the entire testimonial or review, your clients can now just enter a few keywords and click on Generate:

Here’s what the AI-generated end result looks like:

Need some more inspiration to generate your next testimonial? In the next section, we’ve wrapped up five of the finest coaching testimonials, one for each type of coach.


5 inspiring coaching testimonial examples by Trust


#1. Testimonial for a mental health coach 

“Out of this world! That’s how every session with Marla was. I suffered from frequent panic attacks, and she hand-held and helped me overcome them one step at a time. Cannot thank her enough.”


#2. Testimonial for a life coach 

“My sessions with Tom helped me not just lead a more fulfilled life but also to become a good human being. Since taking his coaching classes, I’ve made many like-minded friends, figured out my next goal, and traveled plenty. I would, in a blink, recommend Tom to every friend, family member, and acquaintance without a second thought!”


#3. Testimonial for a business coach

“If you’re looking for someone with exceptional knowledge of business success and team coaching, Stella is your go-to person. Thanks to her guidance, my team’s productivity has skyrocketed in under a month. Looking forward to taking up her additional coaching programs.” 


#4. Testimonial for a coaching institute 

“A truly professional academy that took a deep interest in every student’s goals right from day one. The course material was tailored to meet my targets. 

And happy to say that I’ve successfully cleared my entrance exam with a 97 percentile using just the materials MR Academy provided. If you’re a student like me, look no further and sign up for their upcoming summer coaching session.”


#5. Testimonial for a fitness coach

“When I came across Brian’s Instagram page, I knew right away that he should be my personal trainer. He looks at fitness as a form of science rather than a weight loss strategy, and that’s what I love about his sessions. Within a month of working with him, I stopped binging and dropped a few pounds while still eating yummy home-cooked food!” 


Wrapping up: Getting a coaching testimonial 

AI is at your rescue when your coaching clients are clueless about putting their thoughts into words.

With a tool like Trust’s AI Testimonial Generator, you can sit back, type in the keywords, and let technology do the job for you.

Start winning over more clients for your coaching business and programs with the oldest trick in the book – testimonials.


Try out Trust’s AI Testimonial Generator tool for free today and see for yourself!

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