How To Get More Twitter Followers

twitter followers

“I love your products – but, uh, how many followers do you have on Twitter?”

This is just about one of the most common, but tempting questions that a company will never find easy to brush off. Who would? If you have thousands of followers – you’ll humbly boast about it, wouldn’t you?

But it is equally vital to understand that dismissing the number of followers on Twitter a metric for vanity isn’t something you should do.

That is because a good number of followers represent plenty of essential things. For example, not only do they show that you will be benefitting from all the influence in the industry, but an increase in followers also leads to the fact that they are showing more interest in your brand and image.

As per social networking stats, almost half of all modern marketers refer to Twitter as a top priority social media platform for streamlined and personalized customer engagement.

And there are plenty of reasons why that is a truism – first of all, Twitter is very easy to use – and second, the platform is the most user-friendly when it comes to growing your followers from scratch.

However, let’s address the elephant in the room – how does one get a lot of followers in the first place? Well, mentioned below are some of the best ways you can get new followers and enhance your profile in 2018.

No black hat techniques, no spammy strategies, and no bots. Here are some of the best most precision-based and effective things you can do on Twitter to enhance your followers as fast as possible and attract some brand value at the same time.


4 Streamlined Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers


1. If You Get a Feeling Things are Slow, Don’t Hesitate to Tweet More Often

Twitter marketing is unlike spreading the word around on Facebook or Instagram, and that is because you have to be more aggressive in terms of content strategy.

As per the data analysis posted by CoSchedule, the best level of frequency and amount of tweets you should post is 3 to 7 every day for maximum user engagement. However, bigger and more known brands post around 17 to 20 tweets, which is why you must also incorporate a competitive analysis.

But considering how fast-paced the platform is, brands should always post frequently instead of being reserved. However, the point is you shouldn’t focus just on marketing your brand but on engaging with your target audience on just as relevant things – for example, you can post a blog and ask your followers to throw their feedback your way. The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, by integrating a user-friendly social scheduling software, your company can, on a daily basis, automatically post relevant and interesting content – and you will not have to constantly be active and tweet in real-time. What that will do is steadily attract more followers 24/7.


2. The Power of Visual Marketing and Content

There is no doubt about the fact that visual content helps pique interest, enhance visibility, helps engage more people and encourages them to share and tweet your content more compared to textual content.

Take this for example:

Just check how colorful, engaging and utterly interesting everything looks. The video message screams personalization and attention to what consumers are looking for!

As such companies must always work hard to combine their tweets with aesthetically pleasing and highly relevant image or video. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with textual content – it is just that adding an image or two or a short 10 to 20 second video will always grab the attention of a fast scroller – he will have that nudge to just stop and look at everything before moving on – and that is where you have the potential to gain a follower.


3. Become an Expert in Retweeting, Replying and Tagging on Twitter

Remember that increasing your followers on the social media platform does not in any way have to be something you need a lot of time to invest in. Getting more followers just means you make the best use of the time you allot to Twitter marketing.

Sure, there are ways you can easily schedule the types of tweets you want to post and at what time in order to enhance engagement. However, it is vital that your target audience does not start considering whether there are humans running your Twitter profile or bots.

And that means diving into the conversation with your followers and customers as well as industry experts and leaders. Tagging people in your tweets, retweeting and quickly replying to their messages is a big plus!

They will know that you truly mean to explain everything and are interested in whatever your customers are interested in – plus, it also makes the profile more human – and that is what gets you more followers. Thus, you get to have more eyes on your products and services!

For example, if you see a tweet by another brand on your profile, reply to them but to really get their attention, write a detailed reply instead of a single sentence or a one-word reply. The more thoughtful and to the point you are the better.


4. Enhance Your Twitter Page to Attract New Followers

Considering the fact that approximately 15% of all tweets aren’t made by humans but bots, companies must implement different strategies to prove to their followers that a human is running the page. Apart from a streamlined content management strategy, there are still plenty of things you can do to engage new followers and retain old ones.

Here are some pretty simple tips to optimizing your Twitter profile:

First up is a clean and decent digital photo. As per a psychological study on social media photos, it is going to help you gain more prominent engagement if you go with an clear picture with no obstructions.

Secondly, your profile must contain the following components:

  • Your location
  • Industry Keywords (long-tail)
  • Relevant Tags

These three things are what completes your profile – after that type in what your company does, or who you work for and then tell them where you operate.

Last, but not the least, offer your followers a taste of whom you are, what your interests are – a general sense of personality.

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