How to Grab Website Visitors’ Attention in 7 Seconds

grab website visitor's attention

What you introduce your visitors to as soon as they load your webpage will be significant in deciding whether or not they are going to stay on longer to go through what you are offering. Therefore, choosing what to display is very crucial. More so, if your aim is to take the least amount of time to grab your visitor’s attention, then the first seven seconds on your page is very important.

If you want to stop visitors from bouncing, then there are two critical but simple questions you should ask yourself. Satisfactorily addressing these two questions will determine how effective your conversions will be.


What will it take and how will it be beneficial to you?

Arousing your potential product users’ attention and getting your offer clearly across should be centered on the benefits communication, the main headline and the hero shot you decide to incorporate on your page. If you can figure out the best way to incorporate these aspects into your webpage, you will have an easy task keeping your visitors on your page.

4 Elements Of A Website That Can Grab Attention

Here are a few tips that will guide you as you embark on preventing visitors from bouncing on your page.


Main headline

Most people tend to misuse the main heading of their website by using extremely exaggerated words which are actually not descriptive enough. Such types of headings eventually result in low conversion rate. When coming up with a nice headline for your website tie it down to simplicity, clarity and avoid verbosity as much as possible.

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The following tips are essential to ensuring a perfect and attention attracting website heading.

  1. The length of the heading
    Keep the website heading within a reasonable length such as two lines if it is to be viewed on a tablet or desktop. Keeping the heading short will help to ensure that visitors grasp and process the content quick enough.
  2. Content
    Your heading is not the place to exhibit your creativity in literature because too much of it can do more harm than good to your website conversions. Instead of using too much jargon which will leave your web visitors wondering what the heading means use this time/part to convince them to buy into your idea.
  3. The word order
    The word order of your heading is very crucial because skimming visitors (which is what we call most online users) are easily drawn to the words appearing at the beginning and the end of the heading. Therefore, selectively choosing the first and last letters of your website’s heading will play a big role in keeping your visitors long enough on your page for you to convince them to convert into actual leads.


The hero shot

If you want an easier way to attract your visitors’ attention then using a perfectly sized, colored and designed main image, photo or video will do the trick.

5 Hero Shot Traits That Help Increase Conversions

That being the case, make sure to fully illustrate your product information and reinforce it in a way that will also arouse the emotions of your online website visitors. The tips for an effective hero shot include:

  • Theme. Choose a theme that will be complementary to the site’s heading and one that will take the least time possible to arouse the visitors’ interest in the product you are offering. To that effect, studies have shown that using a larger image for your hero shot can be more effective in presenting your product to the user than using a smaller one. In addition, to be more precise, you can incorporate an image that shows people using the product in real life or one that animates the features of the product.
  • Caution should be taken when faces are to be displayed. It is worth noting that when faces are used on the website they tend to attract attention and hence can distract visitors from the main product content. More specifically is using smiley faces which tend to be more distracting than most of other faces. Therefore, you need to avoid themes with hero shots containing these images.
  • Emotions. Avoid using images which portray negative emotions because such emotions do not sell well. Try as much as possible to relay positive emotions by trying to figure out the feeling the product will trigger in the users.
  • Stock photos. Using authentic photos will be a good way to start winning the trust of your potential customers. You can generate real authentic photos by avoiding stock photos because people are very critical of what you portray on your site. If by any chance you can’t generate your own photos, you can still use stock images but target the ones that have been downloaded the least number of times.


Effective benefits communication

The website heading and the hero shot are enough to provide some relevance and attract some visitors but you will need more than these two if you are to maintain these visitors on your website. Hence, the need to use alternative means of convincing them.

The design and placement of the benefits communication should be done in a way that will be easily accessed by the user and not requiring the user to scroll to see the benefits.

As an online marketer selling your page relies on how well the visitors buy into the idea you are selling. This can be best achieved by communicating your product benefits in a way that will be easily conspicuous. It should stand out above all the other content so as to be easily drawn to by the skimming web user. Keep the design simple because an over-designed benefit communication can also be hampering to the user.

In conclusion, you will come to realize that it doesn’t take much to get your web visitors inspired seconds and to convince them to buy into your idea within the first few seconds. All it takes is what you already know plus a little tuning here and there to make sure the hero shot and heading are optimized and the benefits communication is effective in convincing the site visitor. If you have any additional recommendations that can be applied within the first 7 seconds, it would be great to incorporate them as well.

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