10 Inspiring Video Testimonial Examples to Boost Your Brand

79% of people use customer testimonial videos to learn about a company or its products.

And that’s just one of the reasons why video testimonials and marketing have become an incredibly effective combination for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you want to promote your products, boost your brand, or showcase how your product or service can help, good examples of customer testimonials will supercharge every marketing strategy you utilize.

And the good news is that today, you can create video testimonials without any prior experience, providing your customers with everything they need to record perfect testimonials on their own.

At Trust, we have extensive experience in video marketing, helping hundreds of customers revitalize their marketing efforts using powerful video messages from their customers.

When you use video testimonial software like Trust, you can leverage our proven process of collecting, editing, and publishing your customer success stories.

There’s no need of a video production studio or a complicated process.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some excellent video testimonial examples, the best practices for capturing a testimonial video, and answer your main questions about testimonial videos.


Benefits of using video testimonials

To better understand the full impact that video testimonials and social proof can have on your business, it’s a good idea to explore their benefits.

So, why do advertisers use testimonials? Here are just a few of the most compelling reasons:


1. Build trust

Trust is a crucial part of making sales.

With today’s consumers becoming more conscious about who they buy from, brands must find ways to break through the barriers of skepticism and make their claims more believable.

Video testimonials allow you to leverage the authentic experiences of your best buyers, who can explain how your products work, why they worked for them, and why others should choose them.

All in a short and straightforward customer testimonial video.


2. Boost your brand

The brand you create is directly related to the people who choose to buy your products.

Therefore, it makes sense that putting testimonial videos with happy customers at the forefront of your marketing campaigns can significantly impact how your brand is perceived and what associations your prospective customers will form.


3. They are more engaging

There are many reasons why a testimonial video will usually outperform even the best-written testimonials.

For one thing, video testimonials are easier to trust because they’re harder to fake.

They also help build a stronger emotional connection that potential customers will appreciate.

But perhaps most importantly, they are simply much more engaging than other forms of customer story examples, making it more likely that people will actually watch them.


4. They’re versatile

Even though creating video content from real customers can seem like a hard job, the payoff is huge as well.

There’s a virtually endless range of opportunities to use your best video testimonial examples throughout your marketing.

You can place them all around your website, create engaging social media posts that highlight customer stories, address various pain points, and make them a central part of how you attract new customers.


5. You can make them specific

Testimonial video examples can be long and act more as a review of your company, products, and services.

But there are other ways you can use them. In fact, some of the most effective examples of sharing testimonial videos revolve around touching on a very specific and narrow subject.

By using Trust, you can create custom scripts or questionnaires for your customers, ensuring they will cover the points you want.

For example, if you want to introduce a new feature, few things can be as effective as having your customers describe it in video ads.


10 Inspiring video testimonial examples

The best video testimonials are like recommendations from a friend or colleague.

They don’t just draw you in but do so in a way that’s familiar and easy to trust.

To help you get inspired with creating powerful testimonial videos, here are ten customer testimonial video examples that explore the variety of ways you can use footage of your satisfied customers to grow your business.



Slack is one of the best in the world at creating beautiful testimonial videos.

The company not only highlights the convenience and powerful features of its solution but also showcases the secondary elements that make Slack such a popular option in various situations.

In this testimonial, two customers share their experiences founding a Slack community in Charlotte.

These communities are volunteer-run groups that help new members figure out how to make the most of what Slack offers in different situations.

By communicating the passion that people have for Slack, the company is achieving two goals at once.

First, they are promoting the product and showing how excited people are about using it.

Secondly, they’re also showcasing the community, which boosts adoption and helps build a tribe of superusers who will spread Slack’s message even further.

How to use

If you have a community of users, you can talk about their experiences in a video testimonial to attract new members.



A testimonial doesn’t necessarily have to cover many features to be effective.

For example, a customer testimonial video can often be very focused and narrow, discussing a success story with a specific feature you want more people to become aware of.

In this testimonial example from PayPal, the customers address a vital pain point many prospective customers have: pooling money for a collective purchase.

A group of friends wanted to buy a new bike for someone whose bike was stolen.

And PayPal offered an easy-to-use and convenient feature that made the entire process a breeze.

The video didn’t require a lot of selling or making huge claims.

The premise already had a built-in problem, so the testimonial video just needed to get honest opinions from brand advocates, which added more authenticity and made the video more appealing to the target audience.

How to use

If you have a new feature you want to introduce future customers to, these types of testimonial video examples can work really well to tell a story in an engaging and informative way.


Direct Agents

This is one of the best video testimonial examples showing how you can maintain a clear structure and highlight the key benefits of a solution.

By simply having a happy customer sit in front of a camera and talk about their experience, Direct Agents has produced an entire story that shows the transformation they have achieved.

One thing to notice is how this testimonial clearly uses a script that guides the customer on what to cover.

Each section reflects a well-placed question, allowing the customer to go through their experience in a way perfect for use in a customer testimonial video.

How to use

You can use this type of testimonial in almost any scenario, as the specific script you select is very customizable.

However, you can also follow the process used by Direct Agents by creating a short video that manages to quickly convey a ton of specific information about the value of the service.


BlueCube Ice Baths

The best customer testimonial video examples come from buyers who are exceptionally happy with your product or service.

In fact, the enthusiasm behind the experience is the backbone of what makes a great customer testimonial video.

BlueCube Ice Baths have a very niche product: a cold plunge bath for people who want to boost their health by plunging themselves in cold water.

And because the audience for the product is narrow and passionate, putting someone who shares that passion in front of the camera is an excellent choice.

The testimonial is seven minutes long, which isn’t very short.

But the detail the person gives on their experience can be the deciding factor that turns someone on the fence into a believer and buyer.

How to use

If you have a product that solves a specific problem and has a learning curve, having someone who’s figured out how to get the most out of what it has to offer come on camera and share their experience is an invaluable marketing asset to have.



Product demonstrations work really well for overcoming objections and creating a desire for your products.

But a customer telling a powerful story about how a product potentially saved their life can be even more impactful.

This customer testimonial by HEXR has a customer talk about how their custom-printed helmet protected them from a severe head injury during the London Duathlon.

As the customer is telling the story, they’re actually holding the helmet in their hand, which is a powerful visual that connects the product’s main benefit to an experience prospective buyers will be sure to respond to.

How to use

The best way to utilize this type of testimonial is to highlight a powerful feature of your product.

If you can get the customer to tell their story about your product and the outcomes it produced, that can be very persuasive to the right viewer.



Some of the best customer testimonial videos don’t feature a production team, multiple shooting locations, or advanced special effects.

In this customer testimonial video example, the customer simply sits down in front of the camera and talks about their experience in a structured and logical way.

But even though the video is just under two minutes long, it conveys a ton of detailed, actionable information.

In the testimonial video, the customer shares how they were able to quickly create a compelling explainer video and how convenient it was to work with Explanify.

This type of testimonial video could be used anywhere in your marketing, as it’s incredibly effective at helping prospective customers envision themselves solving a specific problem and addressing the main pain points they currently have.

How to use

As mentioned before, this type of testimonial video is versatile and can be used on your website, social media, or anywhere else.

And Trust can help streamline and automate the entire testimonial collection process, from sending a testimonial request to providing a detailed script to editing and publishing the recorded testimonial.


The Edinburgh Boiler Company

A good testimonial doesn’t need to be limited to discussing the product or service.

Sometimes, you can make it even better by showing potential customers how they can save money or gain access to services through government programs and other incentives.

This testimonial by the Edinburgh Boiler Company is just over a minute long, but it tells everything a potential customer might need to know.

First, it talks about the fast installation, the excellent customer service, and the overall value of the service.

But at the same time, it covers the possibility of getting government funding to replace the old boiler, which the Edinburgh Heating Company actually recommended.

With this testimonial, the company can introduce the idea of getting government funding and saving money to get a more efficient boiler, which can drive demand for the service on its own.

How to use

If you can help your customers access a good deal, government funding, or anything else that they might not be aware of, sharing that information in the words of your customers will usually produce much better results than doing it yourself.



If you have a product or service that teaches customers essential skills and helps them progress, making those customers the core of your marketing efforts is the most effective path to growth.

Codeacademy does just that with its extensive campaign of creating engaging customer success stories with beautiful video production quality, personal stories, and a clear structure that highlights the transformation people achieved using the courses offered by Codeacademy.

In this example, the person was able to use the course to transform their career and learn how to tap into their natural curiosity to become a successful QA engineer.

And for anyone looking for a similar path, this type of video testimonial can be precisely what’s needed to get them to take action.

How to use

This type of testimonial works well if you have a course, training, or informational product based on results.

Then, you can cover the transformation while also connecting it with the personality of the happy customer, which will create a stronger bond with the viewers.


Pinnacle Marketing Group

Customer testimonial videos are not the only way to boost your brand.

You also need to think about your brand as an employer, and that’s where employee testimonial videos can be very effective at showing real stories about why your current team enjoys working for the company.

This employee testimonial video interviews multiple people at the company, getting each of them to share some of the reasons why they enjoy working there.

As an added benefit, these types of videos can allow prospective employees to catch a glimpse of the company culture and what it’s like to be part of it, which can help attract more talent and expand your reach.

How to use

Use these testimonial videos to boost your employer brand and showcase your company culture.

For best results, use multiple employees to make the video feel more informative and ensure it covers what it’s like working in the company from various angles.



At the center of the best testimonial videos is usually a charismatic and relatable person.

And when that’s the case, even a one-minute testimonial can not only tell an entire story but do so in a way that makes it impossible to not at least consider getting the product yourself.

HelloFresh offers pre-portioned product delivery that includes step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients.

And this customer manages to convey just how powerful the change has been in the years since they started using the product.

Without sounding salesy, this testimonial describes the before and the after, highlights the most favorite aspects of the product, and includes everything a potential customer might need to know before deciding to try it for themselves.

How to use

These testimonials can be used absolutely anywhere, but they work really well on social media.

To get them, make sure to offer your customers guidance on what to share through scripts and questionnaires that can be set up in the Trust testimonial request forms.


Best practices for creating video testimonials

Using Trust makes creating high-quality testimonials easy, no matter the size of your company.

But it’s still a good idea to understand some of the best practices that will help you make testimonials a central part of your global marketing strategy.

Let’s look at a few of the best practices below.


1. Use a logical structure

As you’ve probably noticed in every testimonial example above, a big part of achieving good results is having a clear structure that’s easy to follow for the viewer.

But that type of structure rarely happens organically.

Sure, some customers will cover the essential points on their own, but many others will require help figuring out how to lay out their arguments and share their thoughts logically.

The good news is that Trust makes setting up video signature requests easy and convenient.

You can use questionnaires and guidelines to ensure your customers know exactly what to discuss. It’s even possible to have them record separate videos for each question, which you can then edit in the Trust’s built-in video editor.


2. Pick the right subjects

Another critical aspect of generating interest in your video testimonials is picking suitable subjects.

The people you choose must meet a few key criteria to help you create impactful testimonials that generate visual interest and entice immediate reactions from the viewers.

First off, the customers you choose must be successful users who got great results from using your product.

Otherwise, they won’t have enough passion when sharing their story, and the results they describe won’t be impressive.

At the same time, you need the person to be willing and enthusiastic and genuinely believe that yours is the best solution on the market.

That enthusiasm will help build a personal connection with your viewers, making the videos more relatable and appealing.

Finally, consider selecting people from different segments of your customer base.

The best testimonials come from people that viewers can relate to, so if you have multiple tiers of your product, you want to match testimonials to the segment you’re marketing to.


3. Make it more engaging through edits

Even though Trust makes recording testimonials a straightforward and simple experience, you will usually want to perform a few quick edits to ensure the testimonial is concise and looks good.

That’s because, for a testimonial to be an effective marketing tool, it must be focused and presentable as a marketing message.

And that’s where Trust’s built-in editor can be so helpful.

Once your testimonial is submitted, you’ll see it appear in the dashboard.

There, you can click on the pen icon to begin the editing process:

Edit testimonial

Head to the “Questions and Answers” section and click “Open Video Editor.”

You will find all the clips the customer recorded, and you’ll be able to cut them to the desired length, add intro and outro sections, and make it a unified video that you can use.

question and answer series

Once you’re ready, simply click “Save,” and your testimonial will be prepared to publish.


Bottom line

When it comes to testimonials, you can’t match the effectiveness of your best customers getting in front of a camera and talking about their journey with your company.

These customer experiences can become the face of your entire brand, highlighting the transformations your solutions have helped achieve and creating a strong appeal for potential customers who are an ideal fit for your business.

The video testimonial examples covered in this article show the wide variety of ways you can use testimonials throughout your marketing.

Whether you want to create a comprehensive testimonial about your brand, highlight a specific feature, or even show why employees like working for your company, you can find a way to use video testimonials in any situation.

If you want to get started with video testimonials, there’s no easier way than to leverage the powerful tools offered by Trust.

It’s a complete solution, providing everything you need to collect, edit, and share your testimonials in all your marketing campaigns.

Get started with Trust today!


Frequently asked questions

  • How do you record a good testimonial video?

Recording a testimonial video can be as easy as setting up a laptop or a smartphone camera on a desk and hitting the record button.

But when you use a tool like Trust, you can leverage a range of powerful features, such as providing guidelines or questions and being able to record in a single dashboard.

  • How do you write a testimonial video?

The best testimonial videos aren’t scripted but allow the person speaking to express their thoughts in their own words.

However, you can provide a rough outline of what you want customers to cover by giving them a list of questions, sharing guidelines, and asking them to emphasize certain aspects of your brand or service.

  • What do you say in a video testimonial?

The specific topics you can cover in a video testimonial depend on what you want to use it for.

For example, if you want to boost your brand, a good topic to focus on is the ways your brand has helped enhance people’s lives and solve problems.

  • How long should video testimonials be?

Video testimonial length can vary from under a minute to 20 minutes or more.

When deciding on the length, consider how much information you want to cover and what platform or situation the testimonial will be used in.

  • How many words make a good testimonial?

For written testimonials, a good testimonial can be as short as 30 to 50 words.

A more comprehensive testimonial can be 2-3 paragraphs long.

For video testimonials, the number of words can vary greatly depending on the length of the video.

  • Are video testimonials effective?

Video testimonials might be the single most effective marketing tool you can use.

They help build a more personal connection with the viewer, showcase the best side of your brand, and emphasize the unique benefits your solution offers to real people.

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