Effortless testimonial collection via email

The “Contacts & Campaigns” feature is here to send out tailored email campaigns and stop them as soon as a testimonial is received. 

This way you can avoid sending repetitive requests and maintain an organized database of collected testimonials.

Add customer data with easy-to-use placeholders to create tailored testimonial request emails.

Personalized messages resonate better with customers, making them more likely to share their experiences!

Seamless automation at hand

Manually reaching out to customers for testimonials is definitely a time-consuming process.

Now you can say goodbye to manual campaign management!

Contacts & Campaigns enables you to get new contacts added to Trust through API or Zapier, and offers seamless integration with popular SMTP email services. 

Plus, it ensures that testimonial requests are sent out regularly and consistently to customers, increasing the chances of receiving a response.

The video testimonial platform to shine online without the tech headaches

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