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You may be an entrepreneur looking to help your clients write catchy testimonials for you, or maybe you’re on the providing end and need to generate testimonials for a business.

No matter the ask, generating authentic testimonials is no longer exhausting.


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Trust’s free testimonial survey forms let you create a ready-to-publish testimonial in a few steps

Create a free survey form tailored to your needs

Share its link with your customers and clients

Get notified about new testimonials via email

But what is a testimonial survey form?

A testimonial survey form is the communication link between a testimonial seeker and its happy customers. Building a survey form for a particular use case helps fetch that perfect testimonial from a client.

You can choose to include multiple options for your client to leave a testimonial. For example, a star rating instead of a text testimonial, or if they’re camera shy to record a video testimonial, they could always leave a text review instead.

How to use the free video capture form

Generate a testimonial survey form to collect text and video testimonials in 3 quick and easy steps:


Use an online form builder to design your testimonial survey form

Trust lets you explore your creative side but without the tech headache.

You can design and edit a mobile-friendly form using plenty of drag-and-drop features.

For instance, you can:


Verify and share

As soon as you click on Save, you are asked to verify your email and company details.

Once done, Trust gives you a unique link for your created testimonial capture form that you can quickly share with your customers.

You can also re-edit the survey form any number of times, as Trust offers a link to your editable form.


Collect and save testimonials

Whenever a customer submits their testimonial through the shared link, Trust notifies you on your verified email.

Et voila! You’ve successfully captured publish-ready testimonials and reviews in just three steps for absolutely free.

Why do you need a video capture form?

Using an online form like Trust’s free survey forms is super helpful for both businesses seeking positive testimonials and clients submitting them.

Survey Forms Boost Testimonials

Customers and clients may face writer’s block or maybe camera-shy. So a customized testimonial survey form could be their saving grace to overcome such obstacles.

Helps you impress your clients

When you customize a testimonial capture form per your branding colors, add logos, and a thank-you note, your customers are undoubtedly excited to leave you a shining testimonial.

One-Shot Testimonials Made Easy

You have a higher chance of receiving an authentic testimonial in one shot. A testimonial survey form points your reviewers in the right direction. Hence, you can forget to go back and forth between requesting and updating testimonials.

What type of testimonials can I collect using the video capture form?

Star ratings, product or service reviews, and text and video testimonials are the most popular types of feedback used by businesses of all sizes.

Trust’s video capture form lets you collect these types of feedback effortlessly.

All you need to do is select or drag and drop the required form elements and let Trust handle the form design for you.


An online form like Trust’s free testimonial survey form lets you collect testimonials in any number with no registration needed.

You can do everything from designing the testimonial form to match your branding to adding or deleting elements that match your client or use case.

Trust’s testimonial generator also focuses the most on security by ensuring verified access to viewing and publishing customer testimonials.

Trust’s free testimonial survey form requires no credit card details at any point of the testimonial generation.

Also, you don’t have to install any app or log in to your Trust account to access the tool.

You can collect a star rating, customer text and video testimonials, allow customers to include their social media handles for an extra touch of credibility, and let them add their avatar instead of a profile pic, amongst many other details.

As soon as your form is ready, you’ll get an email from us with 2 links.

The first link is your survey form’s URL that you need to share with customers to start collecting testimonials.

The second link allows you to edit your form and make necessary changes in future.

Once someone submits their testimonial, you’ll get notified via email.

You’ll be able to save texts or download visual data (videos, images) right from the email.

Please keep in mind that all unsaved data will be deleted and no longer available in 30 days!

Trust’s free tools are small to medium-sized growing businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, agencies, marketing teams, and basically anyone and any business looking to use powerful client testimonials in their marketing/sales material as social proof to attract top-quality leads.

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