Free Testimonial Survey Form

Quick and easy way to gather text and video testimonials from your happy customers.

Automate the testimonial collection process with no effort.

Customize or edit anytime.

Get powerful customer testimonials in 3 easy steps

Create a free survey form tailored to your needs

Share its link with your customers and clients

Get notified about new testimonials via email


A survey form is a dedicated landing page where people can share their text or video feedback about your business (no login required).

You can gather the following data:

  • customers’ full names
  • text testimonials
  • video testimonials
  • star rating
  • customer photos
  • links to their business websites or social media profiles
  • publication consent 

As soon as your form is ready, you’ll get an email from us with 2 links.

The first link is your survey form’s URL that you need to share with customers to start collecting testimonials.

The second link allows you to edit your form and make necessary changes in future.

Once someone submits their testimonial, you’ll get notified via email.

You’ll be able to save texts or download visual data (videos, images) right from the email.

Please keep in mind that all unsaved data will be deleted and no longer available in 30 days!

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