How to manually add a testimonial from Google Reviews


Trust integration with Google My Business is currently in progress. 

Meanwhile, you can quickly add your existing Google testimonials manually to Trust.


1. Open Google and find your public business reviews.


2. Filter your reviews, then open the person’s profile you want to work with.


3. Switch from “Photos” to “Reviews”, find the testimonial you want to add to your website and press “Share”.


4. Copy the URL of the review.


5. Log in to Trust, go to “Testimonials New testimonial”.


6. Choose an default testimonial request form and turn on the “Published” option.


7. Skip the “Video Message” tab.


8. Copy and paste the information from the Google review that will be displayed on your website later.


9. If the Google profile has a photo, you can download it (right click “Save Image As”) and upload to Trust.


If there’s no photo, you can add a default male / female silhouette or your company’s logo instead.


10. Add some info to “Private Data” for your convenience.


11. Skip the “Contract”, “Video” and “Video Links” tabs.


12. Paste the Google review’s URL to “Social Media”.


13. Press the “Add” button, then assign the testimonial to your widgets.



Here’s how the testimonial looks like on the website. When you click the icon, the original Google review opens in a new browser window.

Last updated byNadiia Shevelieva on October 18, 2021