Add Trust widgets to Wix


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❗ Please make sure that you created a widget and assigned testimonials to it first.

After your widget is set and ready, all you need to do is to copy and paste its Wix-specific code to the appropriate place on your Wix website.


1. Go to “Testimonials → Display Widgets”, choose a widget you want to add to your website and click the </> icon in front of it.


2. Switch to the “Wix Site” tab and copy the widget code.


3. Log in to Wix and start editing your website.


4. Go to “Add → Embed → Custom Embeds → Embed a Widget”.


5. When an HTML box appears, press the “Enter Code” button, paste the Wix-specific widget code here and click “Update”.


6. Close the “HTML Settings” tab. The preview of the Trust widget with assigned testimonials appears.


7. Drag and drop an HTML box to the place on the website page where you want testimonials to appear. Stretch the element to make it larger till it reaches the actual size.


8. Once the widget is large enough, the scrollbar disappears.


❗  When you remove old testimonials from the widget or assign new ones to it, you need to set its size here again.


9. Don’t forget to press the “Save” or “Publish” buttons.

Last updated byNadiia Shevelieva on December 22, 2021