Create a Rich Snippet Tool


This is a short overview of how to create a new Rich Snippet tool. To learn more about each tab of Rich Snippet tool, check the text below.

  • In dashboard, go to Rich Snippet and click on +Rich Snippet Tool
  • Name it and define on which website to use it
  • Define the schema data
  • Save

What Does Rich Snippet Tool Do?

When a search engine like Google scans your website, additional properties on the website can be read to enrich the search result when showing your website within the SERPs (search engine result pages). These additional informations on your search result entry are called Rich Snippets.

There is a common standard that defines a set of properties:

We are supporting these schema types right now:

  • Product
  • Local Business
  • Event

We can not guarantee that the search results will show these data. We can add this data to your website and then wait until they get scanned and shown by the search engine accordingly.

Here you’ll find some additional informations from Google:

Here you’ll find the Google Structured Data Testing Tool: Using this tool you can instruct Google to scan your webseite and verifies your data. Just enter the URL of your website into this box and hit the green button:

You can combine this tool with Star Ratings Tool to show a aggregate rating in your Rich Snippet like this:

This feature is only available in paid plans.

You can only have one Rich Snippet tool per website.

List of Rich Snippet Tools

This is the list of all your Rich Snippet tools:

What you can do from here:

Create new tool

The big blue button lets you start our step-by-step wizard to create a new tool:

You’ll find detailed descriptions below.

Search for a tool by name

Type in a name and the list of your tools gets filtered.

Edit, Clone, and Delete a tool

Existing tools can be edited and deleted. If you want to create a similar tool based on an existing one, you can use the Clone button to have a copy of this tool and now you can adjust the settings.

Here you’ll find a detailed tutorial about the Visitors tool:

1) Name & Website

In this step you will give your tool a name to distinguish multiple Rich Snippet tools in your dashboard and define the website.

Important: This tool can be created only once for a given website.


Here you will find a Active slider to temporarily switch the notification of this tool on and off.


Name your tool. This name is only used internal.


Define for which website the data of this tool will be added.

From a drop-down menu, choose the website. In case you won’t find your website in the list, click on the entry Click me to register a new one.

Click Next to proceed to Settings tab.

2) Settings

On this tab you define the attributes:

Now click on Save to finish your new Rich Snippet tool.

Last updated byCarsten Schaefer on November 2, 2019