How to add clients to your agency account


  1. Go to “Agency → Clients”, then press the “New Client” button.


 The “General” section

2. Add the full name of your client, their current email address and create a password for them. You need to share this password with the client to log in, they will be able change it later.


The “Tools” section

3. Enable or disable tools listed below depending on your client’s requests and needs.


The “Amount” section

4. Your admin account has a specific amount of available feature items listed in the “Purchases” tab.


5. You need to divide these items beween your admin account and sub-accounts (clients). Set a certain amount of items for a new client’s account considering your limits.


6. Press Add to save.


Later you can:

  • see the usage statistics of this specific sub-account;
  • switch from your admin account to the sub-account (shadow it);
  • change the assigned tools and the number of limited items;
  • delete clients.
Last updated byNadiia Shevelieva on January 3, 2022