How to share testimonial request forms

Video guide

Trust offers two ways to share a testimonial request form and collect testimonials from clients:


1. Send out a link to the form

Each form has a unique URL that you can quickly copy, pressing the link icon.

Add or insert this URL to a testimonial request email or message, that’s it.

Trust also offers built-in email services, so you can send out emails and invite clients to share their feedback directly from your dashboard (“Emails” tab).


2. Embed a form’s widget to the website

Press the widget icon to see the settings.

Choose the widget type (“Inline” or “Popup”) from the dropdown menu.


– The inline widget displays the form as a part of your website page. Press the “Copy to Clipboard” button and paste its code to the place on your website where you want the form to appear.

Here’s an example of the inline widget embedded to the website.


– The popup widget has a form of a button that you can customize.

Add the popup widget to a place on your website where you consider it necessary, “Our testimonials” page would be a nice option as well.

When a website visitor presses this button, the form will fly out on the same website page.

✅ After you receive a new testimonial, Trust notifies you by email, and you can find it in the “Testimonials” tab.

Last updated byNadiia Shevelieva on June 25, 2021