Install Trust website code on Unbounce


❗ If you build your landing pages with Unbounce, make sure that a Trust code or a WordPress plugin is installed on your website first, and you set the “Allow to use on other websites” feature on.


Here’s how to add Trust code to Unbounce:

1. In your Unbounce account, go to “Settings → Script Manager”.


2. In case you don’t have any scripts, click on “Add your first script”.


3. Select “Custom Script” from the dropdown menu.


4. Name your custom script and click on “Add Script Details”.


5. Select “Head” from the “Placement” dropdown menu.


6. Select the location of the code based on your requirements.

To make sure that you never forget to add the code, select “All”. That makes sure the code is available on all landing pages.


7. Copy a unique website code of your main website from Trust dashboard (“Configuration → Websites → Website Code”), paste it to Unbounce, then click the “Save and Publish Script” button.


8. In “Script Manager” you’ll see the result.

Last updated byNadiia Shevelieva on December 17, 2021