Install Trust website code on Wix


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After you log in to your Trust account, the first step you need to do is to register your Wix website and connect it with Trust. 


1. Register your website following “Configuration → Websites → Register Website” and add its web address (e.g. there.

If you have Off the Ground or Business plans, you’re able to add several websites to Trust and you’ll see them listed in the “Websites” tab.


2. Each website has a unique website code which you can find pressing the “Website Code” button in front of it.


 3. Click “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the code. Later you will need to paste it to your Wix account.


❗ If you want to display the same data (testimonials, ratings, forms) on different websites (e.g. and, enable the “Allow to use on other websites” feature.

The website where this feature is on will be considered as “the main website” to collect all data. Add its unique website code to other (“secondary”) websites where you want testimonials, ratings and forms from “the main website” to be displayed.


4. Open the Wix dashboard following “Settings → My Dashboard”.


5. Go to “Settings → Advanced → Custom code”.


6. Press the “Add Custom Code” button or “Add Code” on the “Head” section.


7. Paste the Trust code to the appropriate section, set “Add code to all pages”, “Place code in Head”, “Code Type – Essential”, then “Apply”.


8. When everything is done correctly, the date and time will appear in the “Last Seen” tab.

If there’s still a “–” sign, you should try to press the “Refresh the list” button, repeat all actions according to instructions or contact our support team.

Last updated byNadiia Shevelieva on December 17, 2021