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Team members | Roles & PermissionsinGetting Started
Dec 23rd 21

The Off the Ground and Business plans allow you to create team member accounts and let other people manage registered websites and customer feedback. Trust offers 3 roles for a team member:   1. Admin The Admin role enables a full access to the dashboard exсept the "Plan" tab view.   2. Operator The Operator role allows to: Register and

How to add Vimeo videos to testimonialsinTestimonials
Nov 16th 21

  You can add a Vimeo video to Trust in 3 easy steps:   1. Go to Vimeo, open the video, and click the “Share” button.   2. Copy the code that you see in the “Embed” field.   3. Paste the code to the appropriate section.

How to add Instagram videos to testimonialsinTestimonials
Nov 16th 21

  You can add an Instagram video to Trust in 4 easy steps:   1. Go to Instagram, open the post with a video, and click the “...” (3 dots) button.   2. Choose the “Embed” option.   3. Press the “Copy Embed Code” button.   4. Paste the code to the appropriate section.

How to add links (URLs) to the consent checkbox | FormsinCapture
Oct 28th 21

  If you need an explicit consent checkbox for collecting testimonials, you can link to your public privacy statement / data confidentiality agreement / any required legal texts right from the testimonial request form.   1. Go to “Testimonials → Capture → Forms”, then press the “New form” button to create a new testimonial request

How to add clients to your agency accountinTrust for agencies
Oct 25th 21

  Go to “Agency → Clients”, then press the “New Client” button.     The “General” section 2. Add the full name of your client, their current email address and create a password for them. You need to share this password with the client to log in, they will be able change it later.   The “Tools” section 3. Enable or disable

How to display external reviews with TrustinIntegrations
Oct 18th 21

  After you connected your external review profiles (Google, Facebook etc.) with Trust, you can display external reviews along with other testimonials with Trust's widgets and pop-ups.   1. Go to “Integrations → External reviews”, choose reviews you want to display and click the “Show as Testimonial” buttons.   2. Now these reviews

How to import Google reviews to TrustinIntegrations
Oct 18th 21

  Unlike other review platforms, you need to provide the query parameter (Google Query) of your business when you add a Google profile to Trust.   Google Query – the query that shows your Google My Business listing in search results. Ideally, it consists of the full name of the business and its full address.   1. Go to “Integrations →

How to download a collected video testimonialinTestimonials
Sep 28th 21

  1. Go to “Testimonials”. Choose a testimonial you need and press the “Edit” button.   2. Switch to the “Video” tab and press the “Download video” button.   3. That's it! The video is saved to your “Downloads” folder.

How to connect external review platforms with TrustinIntegrations
Sep 24th 21

  1. Choose a business you want to work with.   2. Go to “Integrations → Platforms”. Copy your existing external review profiles URLs and paste them to appropriate sections. URL examples: Facebook - ProvenExpert - Capterra -

How to set up Rich SnippetinRich Snippet
Aug 13th 21

  The Rich Snippet tool gathers your overall customer rating and shares this data with Google and any other search engine so that it appears in the form of stars below your website URL. As a result, it drive more organic traffic to your business website.   1. Choose a website you want to work with, then go to “Rich Snippet” and set it's