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Social media profiles

People sniff out fake praise from a mile away have you ever believed reviews that are anonymous or contain nothing but random names?

Testimonials by Trust give your clients a possibility to share not only their photos and company names but also links to their websites and social media profiles. 

Stunning widgets display all this data along with text or video reviews and thus address any prospects’ doubts and fears head-on.

Email services

Most clients are in no hurry to tell their before-and-after stories until you ask for it.

Trust offers a handy way to send out testimonial requests via emails right from the dashboard.

You can write a personalized message for each client and schedule the email to be sent automatically at a certain date and time. Or, use Trust’s CSV uploader of your contacts to send mass emails (coming soon).

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Real stories bring real sales but you always need to consider GDPR laws.

To avoid any surprises, Trust lets you upload your own contract or use the predefined one to get a consent from a client to use their personal endorsement of your product or service. 

Online signing for both parties is supported, so you can get all things done just in a few minutes.

The video testimonial platform to shine online without the tech headaches

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