Turn your feedback collection process into a meaningful conversation

Interview your customers or clients with a pre-recorded set of videos or step-by-step text questions.

Getting a single, specific question at a time, people will be able to give you a detailed and thorough response to your query.

Moreover, video questions add a powerful sense of presence to a virtual survey as if you and a person behind the screen were talking face-to-face!

Not customer testimonials only!

Use Question & Answear series for many other purposes, like

Video interviewing for recruitment

Employee feedback

Examination in online
courses and trainings

Edit and publish responses with ease

As soon as feedback comes in, you can review and edit question & answer pairs to transform them into a very powerful testimonial and use it for marketing purposes.

Trust has a built-in video editor lets you: 

The testimonial & rating platform to shine online without the tech headaches