Gain actionable insights and meet the changing needs of clients

Current clients are your biggest potential buyers and the best thing for your ROI.

To maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction, listening to people and communicating with them are key.

Trust’s Ratings tool lets your clients rate different questions that you’ve included in a 5-star or NPS survey.

It’s not just about overall customer experience – you can clarify every detail you want to know.

Use a little trick to get ratings and testimonials at once

People don’t like to be attacked by tons of emails or messages, so we offer a convenient and quick way to get both ratings and testimonials at the same time, from the same survey.

Once a client gives you a high rating, Trust automatically asks them to leave it as a testimonial on your website.

You can also offer clients to share given ratings with other platforms (TrustedShops, TrustPilot, ProvenExpert, etc.) to grow your reputation there (coming soon).


Yes, you can display them with Trust widgets.

Both Ratings and Testimonials tools are here to help you build a better online reputation.

Testimonials are usually positive recommendations from your cliens with their specific success stories, results and overall experience with your business. They attract prospective clients and prove that you actually have strong brand advocates.

Ratings let people understand how others evaluate different aspects of your services. Negative ratings are as valuable as positive ones for future clients. They give a clear understanding of what can go wrong and how you solve it. That’s why Trust also has a “public reply” feature here.

Amazing testimonials mixed up with positive and negative ratings build a bulletproof trust and create a healthy balance between being best for loyal clients and admitting no one is always perfect.

The testimonial & rating platform to shine online without the tech headaches