Draw attention to your business

Imagine a prospective client looking for a service or a product. What are chances that they will click on your website’s link instead of million others?

Trust gathers your customer rating from testimonials and shares this data with Google and any other search engine so that it appears in the form of stars below your website URL.

As the star rating is the number one factor for people to judge a business, having it in Google search results will definitely help to pique their interest at a glance.

Provide people with every possible information at once

When you google anything, you’re likely to see normal search snippets – titles of website pages, their URLs, and short descriptions.

Rich snippets are not that common yet more desirable. They include additional valuable data such as ratings, reviews, images, prices and other info about web pages’ content.

This makes your website more visually appealing in Google search results and thus let people find out more about your business even before visiting the website.


Improve SEO performance

Search engine optimization is not rocket science when you know how to play the game.

Rich snippets with ratings work as an eye-stopper in search results and have a huge potential for skyrocketing your SEO.

They increase websites’ click-through rates by establishing trust and enticing people to find out more about what you can offer. In response, Google moves your website up and lets you outshine competitors.

The more credible and preferable your website becomes, the more potential clients you can attract!

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