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Why should you collect testimonials?

91% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business.

76% trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.

Customer reviews are the best proof that your business is the real deal and worth every penny.

Real & authentic testimonials show how people benefit from your business and what results they get – that’s exactly what prospects are looking for.

Now you have no need to waste time chasing your customer feedback, writing emails, designing and developing pages collecting reviews.

Trust takes care of that for you. On autopilot.

Struggling to turn more website visitors into customers?

In a world of competition and advertising, people built up a tolerance to marketing claims.

However, they do listen to other customers like them who share honest, unbiased opinions about your business.

So, the best way to build trust with prospects is to show testimonials and reviews from your current customers.


You need time for your business, not your website

Collecting reviews and testimonials manually requires lots of time.

Writing back and forth to customers can take weeks.

Don’t wait for them to leave a review – ask first and speed up the process with Trust, a video testimonial platform.


No trust = no new customers

People want to be sure that you are the best choice for them on the market.

In case of doubt, they’ll choose your competitor.

As a result, you spend piles of cash on online marketing and ads but lose customers.

Trust collects and shows your best text and video testimonials on your website

No technical knowledge required.

All you need is happy customers and their testimonials.

Trust handles the rest.


Start right off: install Trust with a single line of code or a WordPress plugin – we can also do it for you, for free


Send out surveys to your clients automatically

People leave testimonials – you just need to publish them
Customers record videos – publish them as well

Get trusted and verified reviews

With testimonials by Trust your prospects won’t doubt the fact that your customers’ love is real.

Video testimonials and integrated customers’ social media profiles are the best social proof ever.

Besides, Trust doesn’t slow down websites, so you display as many success stories as you like.


Save time and simplify the workflow

  • Never worry about website design again
  • Choose templates and customize them to suit your brand
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Easily produce marketing content for advertising and organic posts (share reviews on social media channels, add them to marketing emails, promote testimonials in ads and more)


First of all, most testimonial or review platforms allow people to leave anonymous feedback and don’t provide a possibility to share video testimonials, their photos or links to social media profiles and websites. This doesn’t build customer trust as there’s no proof that these anonymous reviews aren’t fake. Unlike them, Trust has all these features that help your testimonials look trustworthy and credible. 

Then, Trust’s main purpose is to display testimonials directly on your website. That means your website visitors won’t be redirected to external sites if they want to read your reviews. 

Besides, you can show testimonials on different places on your website and choose ones which are relevant to the pages’ content. Plus, Trust has a notification widget that shows your reviews as popup notifications so that every person who visits your website will notice feedback from your happy customers.

Moreover, Trust enables you to remove its branding and set up your own one in forms and testimonials.

You can use a code snippet or install a WP Plugin right from the dashboard.

You have three options for that:

  • Create a generic testimonial form and send out its URL.
  • Pre-fill a testimonial (a customer’s name, their company’s name, etc.) and send the URL of this specific testimonial to them.
  • Create a survey to collect feedback for internal use. Then, if a customer gives you a good rating, you can immediately ask to leave a testimonial from the same page, on autopilot.

Yes, you can import them manually following “Testimonials – New testimonial” and then add all necessary info there. Or, you can import them from a CSV file (coming soon).

All Trust testimonials and external reviews shown on your website are reviews left by your customers.

To build more credibility, Trust offers an easy way for people to share video testimonials, upload their photos or logos of their companies, add links to social media profiles or websites so prospects see that all your reviews come from real people.

Once your free trial ends, you can keep using Trust with a paid plan that starts from $7 per month.

The video testimonial platform to shine online without the tech headaches

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