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“9 out of 10 people say they trust what a customer says about a business more than what that business says about itself.”

“Purchase likehood increases by 15% when buyers read verified reviews over anonymous reviews.”

Tell about the resulting benefits of your services, in clients’ own words

You can be an organized go-getter, task ninja, and communication guru, but nobody will believe that without reading any feedback from your current or former clients.

People buy from people, and that’s a fact.

Testimonials by Trust are focused on real customer feedback and provide all features you need to easily collect and display it on your website. 

Moreover, our widgets have everything to look trustworthy and dispel any possible doubts: photos of your clients, names, titles, company names and beautiful icons with links to their social media profiles or websites.

“Video testiominials are seen as yielding an ROI with 72% of marketers indicating an ROI of 50-500% and the majority realizing high conversion improvements.”
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42% of people say video testimonials are effective because they showcase an actual person and help the viewer understand their story.

Use video testimonials to demonstrate your work in action

To a wary and picky client, there is no better proof of your business quality than video testimonials. 

When a person describes their positive experience with you on camera, they give other people a green light to become your next happy clients.

Trust offers a complete video testimonial solution and makes it simple for you to collect video reviews – as well as for your clients to provide them.

In order to leave a video testimonial, people can add links to their existing videos from Facebook and Youtube, or quickly record a new video right from the testimonial request form (using their desktop, tablet or mobile).


You have three options for that:

  • Create a testimonial request form and send out its URL
  • Pre-fill a testimonial (a client’s name, their company’s name, etc.) and send the URL of this specific testimonial to the client.
  • Create a rating survey to collect feedback. Then, if a client gives you a good rating, you can immediately ask to leave a testimonial from the same page, on autopilot.

Yes, you can import them manually following “Testimonials – New testimonial” and then add all necessary info there. Or, you can import them from a CSV file (coming soon).

It’s a total amount of testimonials that you can display on your website with Trust.

You can show your overall star rating either with a nice ratings widget on your website or in Internet Search Engines as a part of Rich Snippet.

The video testimonial platform to shine online without the tech headaches

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