Video transcription and subtitles

Transcribe videos and generate subtitles for video testimonials using a built-in speech-to-text technology. 

Auto transctibe your videos instantly

You can transcribe a video testimonial that you’ve collected with Trust or a newly uploaded video file.

After you’ve chosen a
language you are free to

Transcription to subtitles

Add the transcription as subtitles to the video itself

Transfer the text to a review

Use this text as a customer review in addition to the video testimonial

Add as a YouTube description

Add it as a YouTube video description and maybe this informatin can a bit more detailed

Add subtitles for better video testimonials

People get used to watch videos without sound when it comes to website browsing or social ads. Subtitles are here to help!

After you generated a transcription, you can proofread the text with a handy editor and create a final video with subs.

Save the video and showcase it anywhere you need. As easy as that! 

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