Easy to setup

 Simply copy and paste one line of a generated code.

Don’t slow down websites

The code of a widget works asynchronously (developers know this is optimal approach).

Mobile friendly

Widgets are fully responsive and adapt to tablet and phone viewports.

Highly customizable

Change colors, fonts, shapes to match your website branding.


No, widgets don’t affect website speed and performance. We load all data asynchronous.

Yes, you need to upgrade your plan to Business.

It depends on the widget type. If it’s a notification popup, right now it will show only a limited amount of text, but we’ll add a “Read more” button soon, so that the whole text will be available. If it’s a widget, you’ll see the whole text at once.

You can use a “static” widget template and assign all testimonials to it. Then, each time you get a new relevant testimonial, you need to just approve it, and the review will automatically appear on the website page making it longer.

For this you should enable the Popups feature.

Trust shows pop-up notifications again in a day or earlier if a website visitor cleans their browser cache.

Yes, you need to create multiple widgets, add them to different pages and assign relevant testimonials to them.
For example, if you offer different online courses, you can add course-specific testimonials of students after each course description and name its section like “What our course graduates say” or “Learner reviews“.

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