AI Testimonial
Generator in Forms

Have you ever experienced the fear of a blank page?

Let your customers forget about it with our built-in AI testimonial generator!

Less work for them, more positive testimonials for your business.

Increase the average completion rate of your forms

Writing a testimonial from scratch is a time-consuming task. 

Rid your customers of it by offering an AI testimonial generator! 

Set the language for your form, choose your business type and type a product (or service) name. 

Optionally, you can give some additional keywords to help AI generate more business-specific testimonials.

Get unique, error-free
testimonial copies

Our built-in AI writes an authentic testimonial text based on keywords that your customer has in mind about your product
or service.

When the copy is ready, it’s possible to edit it or re-generate texts until they’re happy with the final result.

coaching testimonial


This is a built-in tool that help your customers write unique testimonials and reviews for you, effortlessly. 

Both Smart and Interactive forms have this feature, and it can be turned on and off, if needed.

Your reviewers can create original testimonial or review texts based on details and keywords that they provide.

All they need is to share thoughts and opinion about your product or service.

The more details you provide, the better copy AI generator will create!

Overall, most people refuse to share testimonials because they consider it a time consuming and hard task.

However, if you add a hint that the whole text will be written for them based on keywords they share, your form submission rate will significantly increase!

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