Market Your Online Courses With Testimonials and Ratings

Showcase positive feedback from course graduates to attract more students and send sales through the roof

eLearning is one of the fastest growing industries

The number of online courses is booming from year to year. Without authentic reviews, how can you prove that your online courses are the best to enroll in?

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Do you know how customer feedback affects your business?

You can create an online course that's ten times better than others on the market.
Trust helps you demonstrate that it actually delivers that value.

Online course sellers try to attract potential students with top-notch e-learning platforms, videos in 1080p HD, text transcripts, mp3 recordings, live support and other perks. 

However, the main thing that people are always looking for is real results of course graduates.

This is where testimonials and ratings come into play. Trust makes it super easy for you to collect and display online course reviews, and as a result get more students to register for your classes.


Impress people with success stories

Gone are the days when you could just write a good sales copy and watch people signing up like crazy.

Now people want evidence, and there is nothing more powerful than online course testimonials.

When done right, they become extremely influential for students in the decision-making process. - Leaving website

Let students promote your online courses

When you’ve launched an online course, don’t just put it on a landing page and expect it to sell.

With Trust, you can automatically ask your students to share their testimonials on other channels, too.

The more people know about your course, the more revenue you can generate.

Craft your online courses to students’ needs

As soon as you get enrollments, ask your students for feedback.

After a few responses, you’ll see clearly what works and what you need to improve.

Keep your courses solution-oriented and create a win-win situation for both you and your clients.

Trust collects and shows your best written and video testimonials and ratings on your website

No technical knowledge required.

All you need is happy students and their testimonials or ratings.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Start right off: Install with a single line of code – or we can install it for you, for free

Send surveys to your students automatically

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People leave a review – you just need to approve them

People record videos – approve them as well

Collect reviews

Trust provides a handy way to create beautiful testimonial request forms and rating surveys.

  • To build a bullet proof reputation, enable video testimonials feature and ask clients for links to their social media profiles or website addresses.
  • Offering services in different languages? Create surveys in multiple languages to please every person.
  • You can also e-sign a GDPR compliant agreement with your clients that allows you to show their data on your website.
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Manage feedback

All feedback you received appears in your dashboard.

  • Track testimonials and ratings in one place without interrupting your workflow.
  • Open rating survey results to find out how you can improve your customer experience.
  • Edit texts with typos, publish testimonials and ratings on your website, delete outdated ones, export reviews to further use them for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Display testimonials and ratings

Trust shows your reviews as pop-up notifications, widgets (as a part of your website page), or both.

  • Customize settings in minutes using many templates, set your website’s font and colors to match your website design.
  • Reviews go live in seconds after your approval.
  • You can also show your overall clients rating on your website and in Google search results.
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Display specific reviews for each online course

  • Collect ratings
  • Show the ratings in your Google Search Results
  • Collect testimonials
  • Collect video testimonials using our full-service platform | Social Proof & Notification Tools

Don't spend a fortune on expensive web designers

  • Never worry about design again
  • No need to design every little detail
  • Use templates and customize to suit your brand
  • No technical knowledge required
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The testimonial & rating platform

Trust collects and shows authentic reviews on your website. In return, this builds customer trust, increases your clients’ base, and jumpstarts your sales!

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