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Testimonials reflect your brand, and your testimonial request form template should demonstrate it, too.

Building an ideal form for your particular use case is easy with a great variety of fields that you can rearrange. 

Additionally, you can set up your logo and brand colors as well as a custom ‘Thank You’ page for higher engagement.

Help customers spread their love with no effort

Smart forms are responsive, so people can share testimonials even on the go, no matter the device is at hand.

If a customer is camera shy, they can upload a pre-recorded file or share an existing video from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.

You can also ensure the best customer experience by adding a sweet video message or custom guidelines to your form!


Use forms in many ways

social proof

Collect social proof

Of course, the most obvious reason to hunt for customer feedback is to use it as a powerful social proof on your website. However, the story doesn’t end here.


Find room for improvement

Trust offers a perfect tool for gathering information from your existing clients if you want to strengthen your business and don’t know where to start.

fix negative

Fix negative customer experience

There’s always a chance that somebody gets disappointed by this or that. Trust notifies you every time you get a review so that you can quickly handle negative feedback and build even stronger relationships with that person.


Grow your brand authority across the web

You can improve your overall online reputation by automatically asking clients to share their review with other rating services (like Google My Business or Facebook) after they gave you a positive rating.

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