Create Instant Testimonials with the Free Testimonial Generator

No more staring at the blank screen. Your customers can now generate unlimited unique testimonials and reviews in seconds with Trust’s one-of-a-kind AI Testimonial Generator.

Start attracting more traffic to your sites using AI-powered testimonials.

Why use an AI writer to generate testimonials and product reviews?

Drive site traffic using the right keywords

Using targeted keywords specific to your business or product lets you drive more traffic to your website. Based on your input keywords, Trust’s AI Testimonial Generator creates an error-free, unique testimonial.

Help customers frame candid testimonials

Not everyone’s a writing pro. So a little help from AI to frame a testimonial can save your customers time and effort.
AI Testimonial Generator makes the whole process frictionless and quick with zero learning curve.

Unique, plagiarism-free testimonials

The best part of using AI to generate text is its capability to avoid repetition. When you use this AI tool, you are assured customers will not generate duplicate testimonials.

Attract potential customers

You can encourage your customers to use benefits-driven words and talk about the results you helped achieve. The displayed testimonial can speak directly to potential customers and urge them to work with you.

Experience the power of AI in just 4 easy steps


Select a language

Choose the preferred language to generate the testimonial. Pick from three options – English, German, and French.

Note: You can get in touch with us if you need your language to be added to our tool.


Enter business or product or service details

The customer enters your business’s details, like the industry or domain it belongs to. They can mention its category, if it’s a product or a service. For example, a coaching business, a marketing consulting service, an eBook, etc.


Enter the brand or person’s name

If it’s a solopreneur, ensure the person’s name is added in this step. Or, if they have an official business or brand name, enter the exact name or alias for an accurate testimonial copy.


Input targeted keywords

In the final step, input a few keywords and phrases. Ensure the keywords match your product/service’s best benefits, results, and features. This way, the final testimonial talks about the benefits of working with you or your business.
Finally, click Generate.

Bonus tip: Research your high-ranking competitors and what their reviews say about them. Extract keywords you think stand out, create a list, and encourage your customers to use them while generating the AI testimonial.

And it’s done! The AI Testimonial Generator will instantly write a publish-ready testimonial in a wink

You can re-try and generate unlimited AI testimonials using a combination of keywords until you’re happy with the result!

Where can you use testimonials generated by an AI writer?

AI-generated testimonials from your customers just like regular testimonials, can be used on:

Landing pages

Product or services website pages or review sites like G2, Capterra

The Home page as widgets, pop-up notifications, etc.

Social media pages

Paid advertising and newsletters

Sales presentations and other marketing material

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Drive traffic and sales using the right words and save your customers time
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A free tool does not give leeway to create and publish fake testimonials.

Not only is it unethical, but fake testimonials can also hamper your brand image by causing a bad reputation in the market.

Fake testimonials can push away high-quality potential customers as they portray your brand as untrustworthy. 

Yes, it is!

You also don’t need to register or log into a Trust account to generate a testimonial using the AI tool.

The first 3 AI generated testimonial requests don’t require any information from your side.

Then, you’ll only need to enter your email address to get a verification code. That’s it!

A testimonial generator is an intuitive tool to help you generate product reviews and testimonials using a few keywords.

Trust’s free AI tool makes review content creation a breeze and helps your customers write testimonials in seconds.


Every testimonial and product review generated using the tool is 100% unique and plagiarism-free. 

You can collect feedback without worrying about duplication.

Trust has no limit on the number of testimonials you can generate using the free tool.