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In a world of competition and advertising, people built up a tolerance to marketing claims. Genuine testimonials (especially videos!) show how your customers and clients benefit from your offer and what results they get – that’s exactly what prospects are looking for.

video testimonials

Add proof to your
marketing and sales campaigns

Testimonial videos are powerful demand generation weapons when it comes to communicating the value of your product or service.

From paid ads to landing pages, they move prospect customers down the sales funnel in an authentic and credible way.

Trust facilitates the process of collecting video testimonials through a clean form. I can highly recommend this software if you are looking for a simple solution for video testimonials.

Markus Sjöholm


testimonials and external reviews

Build trust and credibility on your website

Testimonials by Trust include photos of people and links to their websites or social media accounts for more social proof.

When it comes to external reviews (from Google, Facebook, etc.), they always have links that refer website visitors to the original source.

So, Trust makes it 100% clear that testimonials are coming from real people.

Reviews are a vital part of any business, and this app lets me streamline my process in a systematic way.. all from a single dashboard.

Nuno Palha

Brand management agency owner


Grow a customer-centric business

Collecting customer feedback is a must for every business to meet their needs and interests.

Use Trust’s NPS and 5-star ratings to keep a finger on the pulse and create stronger relations with people. Find out what people think about each aspect of your product or service and make improvements if needed.

We at Leadsie love Trust! Super simple way to capture customer feedback via text AND video.

Johannes Radig

Co-founder of Leadsie

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