Share forms quickly

Simply send a generated link to your clinet

Embed forms on your

Build beautiful forms, effortlessly

Set your own preferences: greet people with a welcome video message, use either text or video testimonials, enable stars, esign contracts to get consent to use clients’ data, ask to share social media profile links to make reviews even more authentic, allow to record a video, upload a video file, or add a link to existing Youtube or Facebook videos.

Include or change any little detail you consider necessary to get clients’ testimonials or ratings and turn them into killer sales magnet later on.

Impress clients with a video inside

Every time you communicate with your clients, you have a chance to stand out – and Trust helps you with that.

You can record or upload your own video message for each testimonial form you create. It pops up right after a client opens a form and disappears after being played.

Personal connection through videos work wonders: it increases engagement and improves your chances of getting feedback immediately!

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Make it super simple for clients to leave their feedback

Trust works with customers in mind and respects your clients’ time. 

People can record videos, share thoughts and add links right on the go from their desktop, tablet or mobile – no logins or extra clicks required.

Use survey forms in many ways

social proof

Collect social proof

Of course, the most obvious reason to hunt for customer feedback is to use it as a powerful social proof on your website. However, the story doesn’t end here.


Find room for improvement

Trust offers a perfect tool for gathering information from your existing clients if you want to strengthen your business and don’t know where to start.

fix negative

Fix negative customer experience

There’s always a chance that somebody gets disappointed by this or that. Trust notifies you every time you get a review so that you can quickly handle negative feedback and build even stronger relationships with that person.


Grow your brand authority across the web

You can improve your overall online reputation by automatically asking clients to share their review with other rating services (like Google My Business or Facebook) after they gave you a positive rating.

The video testimonial platform to shine online without the tech headaches

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