Want Visitors to Fall in Love with Your Brand? Create a Testimonial ‘Wall of Love’!

Testimonials are the world’s best sales asset.

They sprinkle proof to your claims and do the conversion for you.

So imagine if you could display a bunch of testimonials right on your website in the most creative fashion. Introducing the Wall of Love.

Wall of Love is precisely the way it sounds. A wall filled with your customers’ glowing reviews on why they love your brand. 

Let’s explore what the Wall of Love is all about and how to create one for your website.


What is a “Wall of Love” on your website?

A Wall of Love is a standalone website page or can be embedded into an existing page as a widget containing customer testimonials such as:

  • Video testimonials: Video testimonial clips where your customers share their positive experiences using your product or service.
  • Customer images: User-generated images that show customers using your product.
  • Written testimonials: Short-text testimonials or product reviews from customers.
  • Customer quotes: Quotes extracted from video testimonials, social media mentions, and other online platforms.
  • Star ratings: Customers may have left 4 or 5-star ratings post-purchase.
  • Comments from social media: If customers send you a product-appreciation direct message or have commented on social media, screenshot and share them on your Wall of Love.
  • And more!

Most video testimonial software also allows the importing of reviews from external sources like Google and social media so that you can publish them on your website’s Wall of Love.

An example Wall of Love by Trust


Why should you create a Wall of Love?

A Wall of Love is like having a permanent salesperson on your website.

Not only are they stunning, but they also inspire referrals and action from potential and current customers.

And the best part? Your Wall of Love can be updated on the go as and when you receive praise for your product, service, or brand.


7 benefits why you need to embed testimonial Wall of Love

A Wall of Love is more than just a page for social proof. Let’s discuss its many benefits for your business.


✅ Makes your brand the hero

Imagine not one or two but over ten real customers talking about your brand or product at once. That’s Wall of Love for you.

It makes your brand the center of attraction. Potential buyers would have no choice but to contact you to know more. 


✅ Easy to customize 

You need zero technical skills to create and customize a Wall of Love.

It can be created once and customized any number of times in a click.

With Trust, you can set up a Wall of Love in under three minutes and customize it based on your brand’s aesthetic (refer to the next section to know how).


✅ It’s an affordable alternative 

You can forget spending on designers or developers to help you if you’re using a code-free tool like Trust to create your own beautiful Wall of Love.

And since it’s self-managed and easy to maintain, it’s definitely a cheaper alternative than most. 


✅ Builds trustworthiness 

Linking Wall of Love to your sales presentations, promotional emails, and social media builds trust among prospects in the decision-making stage of their journeys. 


✅ Encourages active participation 

Who doesn’t love getting featured on a beautiful landing page? Wall of Love encourages your customers to gladly submit positive feedback as brand ambassadors so they can share their features in their network.


✅ Boosts team morale 

Your web, software and app development, support, or sales team would be proud to watch customers sharing glowing feedback. And watching your Wall of Love grow encourages them to keep up the good effort.


✅ Increases repeat business

Showcasing customer feedback inspires existing customers to repeat purchases and not consider competitors. 


Build your Wall of Love in under 3 minutes using Trust

Trust is a feature-packed video testimonial software suitable for business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, SaaS companies, and more. 

It offers a pain-free solution to automated testimonial collection and display with an easy-to-use UI and features.

Trust offers testimonial Wall of Love as ready-to-publish widgets. Here’s how you can create one within three minutes:

1. Ensure you have a web page for customer testimonials. For example, a page called “Testimonials,” “Customer Love,” or just “Wall of Love.”

Here’s a Wall of Love example by Chili Piper, a marketing tool:

A Wall of Love displaying customer testimonials and verified ratings

2. Sign up to Trust for free here. You get a 14-day no-credit-card free trial to try out the Wall of Love widgets feature. 

3. Once signed up and on the Trust Dashboard, click Widgets and New Widget. 

4. Select Trust’s Masonry Wall of Love widget to get started. 

5. Name your widget so you can track newly created versions. 

6. Trust’s Widget Library offers seven outstanding Wall of Love widget templates with a mixture of text and video testimonials, ratings, images, etc. Pick your favorite template and display style. 

Choose a template and adjust the style

7. Enable Advanced Settings on the right pane to customize your widget template. Here you can auto-add the same font as your website, choose a background color, add custom-colored buttons, and more, based on your brand’s tone.

8. Click Save Widget once you’re happy with your widget settings. And don’t worry, you can still go back and edit your Wall of Love widget anytime from the Trust Dashboard, like so:

The newly created Wall of Love widget appears on your Trust Dashboard

9. Trust helps you publish your new widget in a few simple steps.

Refer to this widget publishing step-by-step tutorial to get started.

And read this quick tutorial to learn how to assign testimonials to your Trust Wall of Love widget. 

Once you’ve followed these steps, testimonials will automatically appear on your landing page as the “Wall of Love”. 🙂 And yes, under just three minutes!

And the best part? You can create a Wall of Love at zero cost within Trust’s 14-day free trial

So what’s stopping you from creating an out-of-this-world, engaging testimonial Wall of Love? 

Sign up today to make your website extra pretty and enjoy more conversions. 


FAQs about testimonial Wall of Love pages


1. What is a Wall of Love?

A Wall of Love is a digital page that can be used on a website to showcase authentic customer testimonials and reviews. It can be a standalone landing page or embedded into a web page as a widget.

2. Where can you share your Wall of Love?

You can share your Wall of Love in your social media profile’s bio, as an email signature, via text messages, on sales presentations, as LinkedIn posts, and online communities.

3. Which is the best tool to create a testimonial Wall of Love?

Trust is the best tool to create a stunning testimonial Wall of Love in under three minutes using ready-to-use templates and zero coding.

4. Is the Wall of Love only for websites?

Wall of Love is majorly found on websites but can also be integrated into online courses, apps, presentations, and other mediums that can benefit from social proof.

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