How Authentic Video Testimonials Can Set You Apart from Competitors

As marketers, you may be running pole to pole, looking to create a unique campaign. Before you know it, you’re spending thousands of dollars on marketing tools, automation solutions, and more, only to get insufficient results.

We hear you…

If you were searching for the best marketing tactics and ended up exploring video testimonials, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Video testimonials cost a fraction of most marketing methods while being 10x more effective with engagement and conversion. 

In this guide, we show you how authentic video testimonials set your brand apart. We’ll also introduce you to tried-and-tested tips and the best tool to collect attractive video testimonials in no time.


Recap: What role do video testimonials play in marketing?

Marketers have supported customer reviews for decades. However, market saturation makes it hard to distinguish authentic text reviews from fakes.

But video testimonials are more credible, as potential customers or partners can hear firsthand what your clients have to say about your brand or product. 

Imagine your happy customers or clients turning into brand advocates. That’s what video testimonials are for.

We’ve gathered some statistics to prove why video testimonials are a marketing must:

  • Visuals are processed by the human brain 60 times faster than text
  • 79% of consumers rely on video testimonials to learn about a brand and its products.
  • Video testimonials are a form of user-generated content (UGC). Variety’s research shows that about 37% of Americans consume only UGC. 
  • 88% of the marketing teams saw a 10% conversion lift using marketing campaigns containing testimonial videos compared to the ones that didn’t.

Now that we’ve enough reasons why video testimonials are the next big marketing trend, let’s understand why they are effective.


Why are video testimonials effective?

Here’s every reason why a marketer must include video testimonials as part of their campaigns:


1. Video testimonials shout “authenticity”

You cannot fake video testimonials like text reviews or star ratings, and prospects know this. 

So when there are growing concerns over what’s real and what’s fake online, video testimonials stand out as the ultimate authentic piece of evidence for a brand or product.


2. Customer testimonials can save around 80% of marketing costs

Happy and satisfied customers expect nothing in return when submitting a ravishing testimonial praising your product or service. 

Therefore, customer video testimonials are one of today’s most cost-effective marketing tactics available. The best part? They can be easily re-used. Upload them to your landing page, circulate them in email promotions, or publish them on your socials. 


3. Video testimonials add a “face” to your brand

Most brands today are faceless and storyless. But we humans are curious beings, and so are your potential customers.

When they visit your page, they want to know who loved your product, why they love it, and if your brand is credible enough to place their money. In such cases, when they come across your customer video testimonials, they may be more willing to try a free trial, sign up for a demo, or purchase a product. 

Additionally, here are some marketing challenges video testimonials solve:

  • They can help sales and marketing teams attract decline-stage prospects who are inactive and about to lose touch with your brand.
  • They can be used to address any objections leads may have. 
  • Case studies and success stories can get too long and tiring for potential customers to read. Instead, marketers can use video testimonials to add social proof to their marketing material.


How to generate video testimonials without hiring a videographer?

It’s common for non-creatives to feel overwhelmed with recording customer testimonial videos and editing them all by themselves.

This anxiety may cause them to hire an expensive videographer and spend thousands of dollars recording a single testimonial.

If you were nodding to these statements, the following section will show you how to record and publish a video testimonial without any coding or video skills.

Meet video testimonial tools.

They are no-code software used to request, capture, edit, and publish video testimonials in minutes. They require no coding or design knowledge. 

However, most tools on the market today lack an end-to-end approach to testimonials. They may not offer sufficient automation or customization functionalities, which are vital in publishing high-quality testimonials. 

That’s why we are introducing you to Trust.

A fully automated, all-in-one testimonial solution to create authentic video testimonials that outshine your competitors. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what it’s like using Trust for 100% remotely recorded video testimonials:

  • Trust’s Interactive and Smart forms are highly intuitive and easy to use, enabling a seamless testimonial collection. With these customizable forms, you can add custom questions, record welcome videos, and more.
  • Perform seamless video testimonial editing with the built-in editor, Video Studio, without worrying about a lack of background in editing or designing.
  • Access a whole library of templates to customize and publish your testimonial videos as widgets, pop-ups, walls of love, etc.
  • Customers not submitting video testimonials? No problem! Use the “Talking Avatar” feature to turn their text testimonials into AI-generated talking images.
  • Bulk collect testimonials by setting up email sequences and integrating with Zapier to run them on auto-pilot.

Get a firsthand experience of these outstanding features for free. Grab the Trust’s 14-day all-access (& credit-card-free) free trial ASAP


How to edit video testimonials to stand apart from competitors?

An unedited video testimonial looks unprofessional and can lose its credibility despite the genuine effort you put into collecting it.

There are many video editing tools that may look promising when editing your testimonial videos.

For example, Final Cut Pro,, and InVideo.

However, these popular editing tools are not specific to editing video testimonials. For instance, these tools may not support you to add video captions or record outros to make testimonials more engaging.

And that’s why you need Trust that comes with in-built editing feature called Video Studio where you can:

  • Stitch together multiple video responses into a single testimonial
  • Add intros and/or outros
  • Upload images and videos from your local system
  • Create and edit video subtitles 
  • And use many more advanced editing functions!


How to showcase video testimonials on your website and marketing materials?

You’ve asked your customer for a testimonial, and you’ve edited their submission. Now what? 

Displaying and circulating video testimonials is an equally critical step that needs careful planning to make the most out of every video. 

So here are some curated tips for you:

  • Add video testimonials as attractive widgets 

Widgets are perfect for embedding social proof on your website. They are simple yet highly effective in capturing a visitor’s attention.

A sample website widget

Trust provides an easy-to-use solution for displaying video testimonials as website widgets. You can just choose a widget template from the vast library, just copy the code, and paste it into your CMS or website builder.

  • Always add customers’ headshots 

Add your customers’ headshots as thumbnails to make the feedback feel more genuine even before website visitors watch the testimonial video. 

  • Link to your customer’s social media profiles or websites

Linking back to their social media profiles or their business website makes the video testimonial 10x more authentic. Also, customers will appreciate the backlink.

  • Embed testimonials into sales presentations 

Video testimonials embedded in sales presentations help prospects understand the true value of your product or service. Also, testimonials could help them overcome some preconceived notions or objections about your offer as they can relate to customers through the video.


Wrapping up

Videos account for about 80% of internet traffic. Also, short-form video content is all around us.

As video consumption spiked, marketers were quick to explore what video marketing has to offer as it worked wonders for multiple channels. 

Customer video testimonials are not just capable of grabbing prospects’ attention but can also imbibe trust and brand credibility like no other piece of content. 

Not many marketing strategies are as authentic as video testimonials. They come from real people who’ve loved your brand, product, or service and are happy to share their personal stories with the world.  

So, kickstart your upcoming marketing campaign with powerful, authentic customer video testimonials using Trust

See engagement and sales spike through genuine social proof – grab the 14-day free trial today!

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