5 Best Boast.io Alternatives for Video Testimonials – Here’s an In-Depth Review (2024)

Boast.io is a handy platform to collect video and written testimonials for businesses looking to increase sales.

Unfortunately, Boast has minimal video editing and polishing with an expensive price tag. So, we don’t blame you if you’re hunting for the best Boast.io alternatives, especially if you’re a marketer or a business owner.  

The following is an in-depth review guide of the best competitors and alternatives to Boast.io in 2024.  


Below are the best Boast.io alternatives we shall be reviewing: 

  • Trust
  • Testimonial Hero
  • VideoAsk
  • StoryPrompt
  • Trustmary.


What is Boast.io?

Boast is a user-friendly testimonial software most marketers and salespeople prefer due to its seamless integration with various marketing and advertising tools. 

You can host forms to collect customer testimonials and automatically send reminders to happy customers to submit praise. 

Boast’s best feature is its sequence testimonial form templates that can be used to automate testimonial requests and reminders.


But why do you need to look for Boast.io alternatives? 

Although Boast offers a fantastic user experience, it lacks in a few areas, pushing marketers and businesses to look for better alternatives:

  • Lack of video editing, formatting, and polishing features to enable publishing of high-quality video testimonials. You can only re-arrange video sections and add intros/outros (currently in Beta testing).
  • Pricey, compared to other tools in the market. 
  • No free plan, only a free trial with limited accessibility to features. 
  • You can collect customer consent only if you’re a “Premium” plan user.
  • You can add limited video questions per testimonial form, which affects the collection of authentic responses. For example, only one for Basic, 5 for Team, and 10 for Premium.

So what’s the best Boast.io alternative? It’s time to investigate.


Boast.io alternative #1: Trust 

Trust offers all the tools you need to create high-converting video and written testimonials at literally half of Boast’s cost.

Collect, request, create, edit, and publish video testimonials from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. 

Have absolutely no experience embedding testimonial videos onto your website?

Trust has a super easy no-code solution for you. Just copy-paste our code and publish attractive testimonials in seconds.


How does Trust outperform Boast?

Here’s why we believe Trust is the best Boast.io alternative:

  • Advanced video formatting and editing, so you don’t have to leave the platform to polish your video testimonials.
  • Unlike Boast, you can collect customer consent to use their responses even with Trust’s free trial. 
  • A versatile testimonial solution, it suits businesses of all sizes due to its affordable price point.
  • Brilliant testimonial collection forms and easy-to-setup Q&A series do not limit you from adding any number of questions, unlike Boast.
  • A built-in teleprompter to help your clients or customers easily read through text during video recording.
  • Trust has a free AI testimonial generation tool where you or your clients can generate full-fledged testimonials using just keywords in a fraction of a second. 
  • Advanced customization options for displaying testimonials as widgets, pop-ups, rich snippets, and badges.


Any drawbacks of Trust?

  • Trust has no feature to track video metrics currently.


How do Boast.io and Trust compare in price?

Trust’s affordable pricing plans

Trust’s annual payment plans start from just $16 monthly, whereas Boast.io starts from $50/mo–which is 3.1x Trust’s pricing.

Trust’s Off the Ground plan suits small to mid-sized businesses and costs $41/mo. Its Business plan, costing just $83/mo, is suitable for enterprises with a higher monthly visitor count. 

On the other hand, Boast.io’s Premium plan costs a massive $208/mo for just 50 forms. 


Who is Trust for?

1. Thanks to Trust’s affordable pricing and feature-rich solution, it is suitable for solopreneurs and freelancers looking for an affordable, extensive client testimonial collection tool.

2. Suitable for small to mid-sized businesses and growing enterprises like SaaS companies and agencies to close more deals.

3. eCommerce companies looking to capture customer reviews.

Want a sneak peek? Sign up for Trust’s credit card-less 14-day free trial.


Boast alternative #2: Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero is another versatile platform that allows the collection of strategic video testimonials across verticals, such as for corporates, customers, employees, and events.

Apart from remote testimonials, the platform also offers on-site testimonial producers and videographers to ensure you record high-quality videos for your events.


How does Testimonial Hero outperform Boast?

Let’s discuss what makes Testimonial Hero a worthy Boast.io alternative:

  • Guarantees high-definition testimonial videos for both on-site and remote testimonial capturing.
  • A 100% done-for-you approach to testimonials is great for larger enterprises looking to generate leads using strategic social proof.
  • Testimonial Hero’s in-house professionals help manage the end-to-end testimonial process, from capturing to editing and publishing. 
  • The platform’s Creative producers help frame customer questions, add prompts, etc., using the “Self-capture” testimonial recording feature. 


Any drawbacks of Testimonial Hero?

  • Testimonial Hero does not support collecting written testimonials.
  • Lack of a free trial or a free plan.
  • Limited control of the final result.
  • High per-video pricing may not suit SMBs.


How do Boast.io and Testimonial Hero compare in price?

Testimonial Hero is more expensive than Boast.io since it is a managed testimonials platform. The platform offers quarterly payments on most plans.

Although there’s no free trial, the platform lets you run a test drive for $200 per credit. 


Who is Testimonial Hero for?

Per-video pricing and on-site testimonial services suit larger enterprises like software or cyber security businesses. 


Boast alternative #3: VideoAsk

VideoAsk is an asynchronous video message recording platform that promotes video messaging over text-based messaging. 

The platform strongly believes that video forms are always great at capturing customer feedback in an engaging and interactive way compared to written feedback.

VideoAsk’s dashboard to view video metrics


How does VideoAsk outperform Boast?

Here’s what we loved about VideoAsk:

  • You can build personal connections with customers and clients using VideoAsk’s face-to-face video feedback recording.
  •  Video analytics and metric tracking to analyze video performance right on its dashboard lets you make data-driven decisions for your video marketing efforts.
  • Video forms help you collect feedback in a personal and simple way.
  • Want to turn visitors into customers? VideoAsk’s easy-to-use builder helps create video funnels that map visitor actions using templates, record responses and share the VideoAsk link as an email or embed to the website.


Any drawbacks of VideoAsk?

  • The one-on-one, face-to-face video testimonial recording may not be every customer’s cup of tea.
  • VideoAsk has limited video editing features.
  • Unlike Trust, VideoAsk does not offer testimonial display customization.
  • You cannot collect product or service ratings.


How do Boast.io and VideoAsk compare in price?

Compared to Boast.io’s Basic plan, which costs $50/mo, VideoAsk is much more affordable at $20/mo with 1200 video or audio minutes. 

If you’re a business with a team of up to 10 people, you can opt for Brand costing $30/mo for 2400 minutes and own branding. 


Who is VideoAsk for?

1. SMBs that need a limited number of minutes each month and an affordable and basic testimonial solution.

2. Recruiters that need to conduct one-on-one employee interviews and onboarding videos.


Boast alternative #4: StoryPrompt

StoryPrompt is a straightforward testimonial solution that encourages businesses to use customer reviews to enhance brand image and as effective sales assets. 

Producing and sharing video testimonials with StoryPrompt is a simple three-step process where you send a StoryPrompt link to your client, receive a video reply, and embed it into your website using copy-pastable code.

Clients can record video testimonials using custom “prompts”


How does StoryPrompt outperform Boast?

Below are some of StoryPrompt’s outstanding features:

  • Basic and simplified video editing options that anyone without a design background can do. You can remix videos, add music and b-roll, change aspect ratios, and more.
  • Ready-made, customizable video templates to inspire you and your clients to record engaging testimonial videos. 
  • StoryPrompt has an in-built teleprompter to help clients record themselves painlessly, unlike in Boast.
  • StoryPrompt’s Community space lets you connect with clients one-on-one before requesting feedback. This way, you encourage them to submit a genuine testimonial.
  • No cap on the number of user prompts you can add with free and paid plans.


Any drawbacks of StoryPrompt?

  • Few users complain of a slight learning curve to get used to the various terminologies within the tool.
  • Video lengths under paid plans can be limiting for some businesses. 
  • Lack of advanced editing features. 


How do Boast.io and StoryPrompt compare in price?

StoryPrompt’s free plan lets you collect 25 2-minute-long video responses–a boon for beginners. 

Compared to Boast.io’s Basic plan for $50, StoryPrompt’s Starter at $39/mo is cheaper but allows only 200 video responses monthly. 

If you need more responses and lengthy videos, the Pro plan costs $79/mo, and Premium (for larger brands and agencies) costs $169/mo.


Who is StoryPrompt for?

1. Solopreneurs and freelancers who need an affordable price and limited monthly video responses.

2. SMBs needing video analytics and medium-length video testimonials (up to 5 mins/video).


Boast alternative #5: Trustmary

Trustmary is another great end-to-end testimonial software. It has a clean process for capturing testimonials using the “record and send” format and allows importing reviews from external platforms. 

The platform lets you automate the feedback collection process so you can sit back and gather authentic reviews on autopilot.


How does Trustmary outperform Boast?

Here’s how:

  • Offers a variety of customizable review widgets to showcase testimonials attractively. 
  • One-click import of reviews from eight sources, such as Google, Excel, Facebook, etc.
  • Trustmary’sready-made testimonial forms are auto-optimized to decrease your efforts. 
  • Apart from testimonials, you can also create personalized surveys to analyze CSAT, NPS, etc.
  • Offers advanced analytics so you can review video performance and make appropriate changes to upcoming marketing testimonial campaigns. 

Trustmary’s video testimonial collection form


Any drawbacks of Trustmary?

  • Beginners may face a bit of a learning curve. 
  • The tool’s vast survey functionalities may confuse newbies.
  • Has very basic video editing features. 


How do Boast.io and Trustmary compare in price?

At first glance, Trustmary’s pricing plans are half as cheap as Boast.io’s. However, Trustmary has separate pricing plans for testimonial display and collection, which might confuse most users.

But if you only want to collect or display testimonials, then Trustmary’s Starter plan may suit you, costing $19/mo. 

Boast.io has no free plan, but Trustmary does with its Solo plan.

If you’re a growing business needing A/B testing of video marketing campaigns, then Trustmary’sBusiness plan may suit you, costing $59/mo for video display and $79/mo for collection.


Who is Trustmary for?

Trustmary is slightly on the pricier end but with no cap on the number of video responses you can collect. So businesses with medium to high budgets could opt for this tool. 


Trust: The best Boast.io alternative for video testimonials

If an affordable yet effective solution to video testimonials and feedback is on your 2024 marketing plan, look no further with Trust.

Trust has everything you need to attract visitors with authentic, heart-to-heart feedback. 

The best part? You don’t even need a credit card to get started. 

Sign up for the 14-day all-access Trust account to record and publish testimonials the quick and easy way!

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