6 Effective CRO Tips to Unlock Your Business Growth

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Even if your website has extraordinarily high traffic and a vast number of visitors regularly, it doesn’t mean a lot (nor does it make you a profit), if they don’t effectively convert. You need a proven system that will effectively convert your visitors into customers, partners, subscribers, and whatever your conversion process aims to transform them into. 

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of improving and raising the conversion rate on your website, eStore, blog, or virtually any digital corner that benefits from conversions. Conversion is a direct result of the effectiveness and performance of all marketing activities and efforts you’re undertaking.

Making calculated, gradual CRO improvements will not only boost your conversion rate, but also your whole marketing process, and vice versa. 

CRO will get you far when it comes to understanding your visitors and their journey while boosting your SEO efforts. It will also influence your customer’s satisfaction, loyalty, and retention empowering them with personalization insights your CRO efforts will unearth.

Now, let’s show you how to unlock your business growth with the following top six CRO tips.


Tip 1 Use a VoIP phone system

Using a VoIP business phone system can be especially useful to smaller businesses as it gives them the versatility and effectiveness of communication they crave for. With a number of nifty features, these platforms are great for making communication with your customers more straightforward and effective which can significantly increase your conversion rates.

Many apps like Talkdesk, which is one of the widely used VoIP solutions, come with advanced call analytics that can help you track all your customer interactions and provide applicable insights to boost your communication efforts. 

With effective VoIP solutions or landline phone service, you can also boost your customer engagement through automatic call distribution, self-service, smart virtual agents, and other options. This will allow you to optimize your inbound and outbound communication by delivering 

Another great thing to consider is incorporating a click-to-call widget that you can place anywhere on your website. A widget like this offers visitors a fast and reliable way to contact you while browsing your website and acquire additional information they need to convert. 

You can see how this click-to-call widget can look in the bottom right corner in the picture below.


And here is what happens when you click on it – you get a popup allowing you to contact the company and get the desired information, cost-free.


Tip 2 – Optimize your CTAs

CTAs are the final step in the transition from a visitor to a customer, user, or subscriber. They are the breaking points that incentivize visitors to take action by making a decision to go a step further. CTAs on your website should be optimized in a way that naturally pulls visitors to make decisions. Here are some tips to do it right:

  • Make them brief but concise
  • Use dynamic content in your CTAs – Content that automatically changes depending on the viewer’s real-time location, purchasing habits and history, preferences, demographics, etc
  • Create urgency
  • Match sure your CTAs are following the content on your landing page
  • Use buttons instead of texts or links
  • Regularly measure the performance of your CTAs through click-through rate, clicks to submission, and views to submission
  • Create a secondary CTA (besides the primary one) that will capture reluctant visitors and incentivize them to take less serious action – e.g. If your primary CTA isn’t converting visitors to customers by signing up for your service, then you can shoot them a secondary CTA that will ask them to sign up for your newsletter and get relevant, industry-specific information. This will allow you to capture their data and use it for retargeting purposes that can improve your conversion rate.
  • Constantly improve your CTAs by regularly A/B testing them 
  • Empower your CTAs with personalized content by matching CTA copy with the content on the web page your visitors are at (e.g. If a visitor is reading a blog article on hybrid vacuumers, then use a CTA that invites them to schedule a live demo at their home)


Tip 3 – Leverage A/B testing

Experimenting is a cornerstone of any strong optimization plan, and the same goes for conversion rates. With repeated A/B tests, you can find the optimal version of any relevant element that affects conversion and implement it in your marketing process.

Differences in design, copy, and functionality of elements like your webpages, landing pages, CTAs, etc., will influence the conversion rate performance and A/B testing will unearth exactly which version converts the best.

Here’s how to run A/B testing efficiently:

  • Start by collecting data from the areas with the highest traffic on your website as it will give you enough data to work with. 
  • Identify and adjust your conversion goals –  e.g. If you’ve noticed that your CTA is underperforming then change its design (color, font, text style, shape) or functionality (text copy, slightly different action).
  • Form hypothesis – Shape insights from the previous step into the functional hypothesis that can be implemented into the new version 
  • Create a new version that portrays your hypothesis design and functionality wise
  • Run A/B experiment 
  • Analyze the performance of the original and new version


Tip 4 – Use testimonials to effectively unlock your business growth

Customer testimonials are a proven method to build strong social proof that guarantees the trustworthiness and credibility of your brand. When visitors trust you, it is easier to convert them more effectively, because trust is what makes it or breaks it when it comes to making a decision. 

What’s more, creating social proof in video format and including it to your landing & product pages will positively affect your visitors’ decisions and help convert them.

The reason is that video testimonials send a clearer message and are better at transferring emotions and insights than any other format. Showcasing your satisfied customers’ stories via video testimonials is an authentic and effective way to help visitors strengthen connections and form trust with your company. 

It also gives them proof to back up their reasoning that your products drive results, based on the word-of-mouth of people who were experiencing the same or similar problems.


Tip 5 – Reassess your marketing channels & strategies

Another effective CRO tip to unlock your business growth is to reassess your marketing channels and strategies. Precisely measuring and analyzing the performance of each channel and its related strategy will help you understand conversion rate specifics. This includes determining:

  • If your content resonates with the audience you are targeting and to what extent
  • If your strategies are underperforming and why
  • If there are any technical issues with your marketing channels or the tools you use to manage them

It is also useful to create a flowchart to map your sales funnel flow and visualize all the elements your visitors are interacting with on their journey. This will help you to understand their behavior, scan for potential bottlenecks on their journey, and improve their experience on your website. 

You can also maximize the effectiveness of your conversions by using some of the best email marketing software that uses personalization and automation intelligently. With this, you’ll be able to boost your conversions by improving your email marketing and supplementing it with content that is relevant for your leads. There are many reliable IT service companies that also use this approach when it comes to conversions, so this is basically a well-grounded strategy that proves to work.


Tip 6 – Miscellaneous 

Finally, here are additional CRO tips to consider (after you applied some of the above-mentioned ones):

  • Improve your page load times
  • Reassess your prices – high and unadjusted prices will hinder conversions
  • Position your CTAs properly and make them easy to find
  • Use video content whenever you can e.g. you can add video product descriptions to your products page – because it is more engaging and helps your ranking better than any other format
  • Use on-site checkout as it is more straightforward and faster than purchasing off-site
  • Add a live chat option to your website
  • Leverage countdown timers on your web pages to create a sense of urgency by making limited discount offers
  • Optimize form fields by keeping only the essential ones ass too many of them will hinder conversions
  • Allow for alternative signups (visitors Google, LinkedIn, or their organization accounts) as it will make the signup process faster and easier
  • Improve mobile-friendliness on your website


Final words

Optimizing your conversion rates means optimizing your sales and marketing funnels as well. For that reason, the improvement needs to come from the core of your marketing and sales processes by carefully analyzing and adjusting them. That will significantly improve these processes, making them effective and as frictionless as possible. 

Applying these CRO tips will unlock your business growth by making you rethink the foundations of your business and optimizing its core elements to establish effective and long-lasting conversions.


This is a guest post by Dennis Vu

Dennis is the CEO and Co-founder of Ringblaze, a virtual business phone system company that helps teams to better serve their customers, anywhere.


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