The 10 Best Video Editing Tools for Video Testimonials in 2024

What’s better than video testimonials? Polished video testimonials. And video editing tools make them happen. 

If you’ve just collected video testimonials from your customers or employees, there’s a fat chance that your raw footage needs some polishing before using it for several marketing purposes. 

Imagine publishing a video testimonial with plenty of awkward pauses and bad lighting on your website. It defeats the purpose of captivating website visitors. 

The best tool for editing testimonials can depend on a lot of factors: compatibility, ease of use, affordability, time, and depth of functionality. 

Keeping these and many other factors in mind, we’ve tested a list of the top video editing tools for video testimonials and curated a list of the best ten. 


Best practices for editing video testimonials 

These tips can help you create and edit professional video testimonials:


Add music to increase the impact

While the video testimonial script can bring out emotions, the right music drives the video forward and adds more impact to what the customer has to say. 

Several studies show how light background music on videos can affect behavioral responses in viewers, for example, their level of concentration, interest, and relaxation. 


Don’t change customer’s opinions 

Video testimonials are based on the fact that they’re authentic and come from credible sources. 

So if you’re going overboard with video editing and cutting out or replacing customers’ opinions, customers may feel their thoughts are not valued enough – impacting your relationships and reputation.


Add captions  

No matter where your viewers are or what they may be doing, captioning videos can make their lives easier. 

Suppose a potential customer is traveling in a metro and happens to view your customer testimonial videos, they can simply play the video without volume and read through the captions.

So always ensure each video testimonial you upload comes with captions or subtitles and that the video testimonial software or editor supports this functionality.


Combine multiple testimonial videos or responses into one 

You could stitch together multiple videos or responses into one to create a video marketing strategy for social media, websites, email promotions, and sales presentations. 

For example, a video editor must let you add customer quotes from other video testimonials and piece together multiple responses into one. 


Tune the overall quality 

Uploading a video testimonial that’s larger or has background noise? Think again. It may slow down your website and cause a bad viewer experience. 

Use video editing tools that let you tweak video quality by making it the perfect size for upload. They should allow you to fix the resolution, crop the frame, adjust brightness, and remove background noise. 


Add B-roll – intros and outros

B-roll is supplemental video footage for testimonials that’s not feedback but can make the video testimonial look more natural. For example, add footage (intros and outros) where your customer type into their computer before breaking into delivering feedback. 


10 video editing tools for video testimonials you must explore 

Let’s dive into our list of video editing tools for beautiful video testimonials:


1. Trust

Picture a tool where you can request, edit, and publish video testimonials in a swing. That’s Trust for you.

Trust is a complete automation solution for video testimonials with a built-in video editor for video production.

Trust’s Interactive forms are all about collecting testimonials using a conversational style through Q&As, like so:

Once collected, you can launch the video editor while editing your customers’ responses. Here, you can:

  • Trim the video to the desired length
  • Add intros and/or outros to make the testimonial more interesting and natural
  • Change video response order
  • Upload images or videos from your local media library
  • And more!

Finally, save the video with no Trust ads, logos, or watermarks. 

Trust also generates auto-captions or subtitles to every video testimonial so it’s ready for upload.

The best part of Trust? It is perfect for personal and professional use and suits absolute beginners to experienced professionals looking for an easy, codeless way to collect and edit video testimonials.

Pricing: 14-day all-access free trial, or $16/mo and up for annual plans.


2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced editing tool loved by video professionals for years now. 

The popular video editing tool supports editing video testimonials where you can:

  • Splice together varied video footage of the interview 
  • Highlight soundbites to refine the testimonial 
  • Add background music to heighten video testimonial impact
  • Trim videos and add text 
  • Auto-detect and remove filler words

The downside to the tool is its vast functionalities that have a slight learning curve making it suitable only for professional use and may not be beginner-friendly. 

Pricing: $22.99/mo and up.


3. Vocal Video

Vocal Video is another leading video testimonial software like Trust that offers built-in video editing.

Like Trust, you can trim videos, add graphics, and create transcripts for your video testimonials to stand out. 

Here’s everything Vocal Video offers for video editing:

  • Apply licensed music to testimonial videos. Choose a track from the tool’s music library or upload your own file
  • Switch from video to audio easily
  • Create and add your own branding to videos

Vocal Video may be an all-in-one testimonial software, but has a steep price which may not suit solopreneurs and small businesses on a tight budget. 

Pricing: Annual plans start from $33/mo and up.


4. InVideo

InVideo is an AI-based online video editor with exclusive editing functionalities that are perfect for publish-ready video testimonials. 

To edit video testimonials, InVideo can:

  • Add intros and outros using templates or from scratch 
  • Generate voice from texts using AI
  • Create scenes and add voiceovers
  • Create transitions between video responses

Although a terrific solution for video editing, some users have complained of slow video rendering and unresponsive screens.

Pricing: Yearly plans start from $20/mo and up.



VEED is another incredible AI-based online video editor to polish your video testimonials. It supports plenty of use cases like social media video creation, training, meetings, video presentations, and feedback.

Some VEED features we found perfect for testimonial edits:

  • Automatic subtitle generation that’s a must-have for seamless video testimonial viewership 
  • Remove background noise from the audio
  • Edit sound waves to create depth in videos
  • Add images, stickers, and annotations between video responses

However, the major downside to VEED.IO for testimonials is its watermark for the Basic plan, so you must purchase the Pro plan.

Pricing: $7/mo and up.



Boast is a video testimonial software with basic video editing that’s great for beginners looking for an integrated and simple tool to collect and edit video feedback.

Boast’s testimonial video editing includes:

  • Basic edits like video trimming, rearranging, and deleting clips
  • Split a video response into multiple standalone segments

Although Boast’s video editing options are pretty basic, since it’s a well-integrated and automated testimonial solution, it may suit beginners who need plain editing for their testimonials. However, the price is steep compared to other tools

Pricing: Annual plans start from $50/mo and up.


7. Final Cut Pro

Need pro-level editing for your video testimonials? Final Cut Pro is a highly optimized video editing software for Apple systems like iPhones and Mac OS.

For testimonials, Final Cut Pro can help:

  • Add music and clips 
  • Include audio and special effects to add depth 
  • Add dynamic text
  • Generate high-resolution videos despite the number of edits made
  • Move around and trim clips

The tool is great for you if you’re looking to do some professional editing yourself without having to hire an editor. It produces cinematic videos with effective color grading and visual effects. 

Pricing: $359.99 – one-time payment


8. Vouch

Vouch is an easy-to-use video testimonial software with in-built video editing. It lets you “be your own video editor” with options to customize your collected video feedback.

Here’s what Vouch offers as part of its video editing feature:

  • Trim videos to keep only the necessary stuff
  • Choose the perfect thumbnail for your video testimonial by freezing a frame
  • Edit the automatically generated captions 
  • Translate videos into over 20 languages

Although the editing features are pretty simple, the tool has ensured they’ve included the essential edits for well-polished testimonials.

The major downside is the tool’s pricing which costs $600/mo or $7200 a year which is not very budget-friendly. 

Pricing: $600/mo and up.


9. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a web-based editing software owned by Microsoft. It’s known for its simple user interface and cloud storage options. 

Clipchamp’s features that suit editing video testimonials are:

  • Transcribes testimonial videos and generates auto-captions accurately in about 140 languages
  • Can turn text to speech. You can choose from a wide range of languages, styles, pitches, and voices
  • Change videos’ aspect ratios based on where you want to upload them

Although Clipchamp has a free plan, you may have to choose the premium version to remove watermarks and download ultra HD videos.

Pricing: Forever free, or upgrade to Premium for $11.


10. Animoto

Animoto is a free and premium video editor where you can edit professionally using ready-to-use templates or from scratch. 

You can just drag-and-drop media to customize them with impressive animations and visual effects. 

For testimonials, Animoto offers the following features:

  • 8 exclusive templates for testimonials. For example, customer video reviews, product/service testimonials, one-word reviews, etc.
  • Either start a fresh edit or use an existing template to add pre-recorded video responses 
  • Customize themes based on your liking and brand aesthetic

Pricing: Basic annual plans start from $3.5/mo and up.


Wrapping up

While there’s no one-size-fits-all video editing tool for video testimonials, you can choose one based on your budget, resources, and time.

We’ve made sure our list contains video editing tools offering free trials or plans so that you can try them out yourself before upgrading to a paid version.

If you need an all-in-one software with tools for video testimonial collection, editing, automation, and display, we suggest you try Trust.

It’s extensive and easy on your pocket. 

See it for yourself – try the 14-day free trial right away!



How to edit video testimonials?

You need to edit video testimonials if you’re collecting raw footage and intend to upload it to your website or other platforms. There are plenty of video editing tools available, which let you polish your video testimonials.


Which is the best video testimonial software?

Trust is the best video testimonial tool with in-built video editing and a fully-automated and affordable solution to video testimonials. 


How do you make a video testimonial?

Using a remote video testimonial tool like Trust, you can:

  • Create a Q&A series in advance for easier recording
  • Use a teleprompter to help customers record without fear
  • Edit testimonial videos to polish them for upload
  • Publish testimonials right from the dashboard

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