How to Set Up Engaging Video Surveys – 2024 Tutorial

Move over text-based surveys. Video surveys are here to take customer feedback to the next level. 

Hearing from people face to face in their own voices is your best bet to receive valuable feedback.

Moreover, your clients and employees will appreciate you for not killing their time with never-ending text questionnaires.

How can you set up a video survey with less effort?

The following guide will show you the best use cases for video surveys and how to set up engaging video surveys your clients will love using Trust’s Interactive forms.


What is a video survey?  

A video survey is a Q&A-based survey where responses are recorded as videos.

Interactive video survey by Trust

Brands can use video surveys to ask customers specific questions about their purchase experiences, software feedback, product features, and more.

Similarly, corporations can use video surveys to capture real-time employee feedback and interview potential candidates applying for open roles.


Why should you use video surveys?

Videos, in general, help you connect with users emotionally and mentally.

Unlike written surveys, video surveys encourage audiences to be transparent and tell their stories with more creativity.

So if fetching customer or employee feedback is on your mind, don’t think twice about embedding videos into your surveys.


5 video survey use cases to improve your business

Where can you use video surveys in real life? Here are some use cases:


1. Collecting transparent customer feedback effortlessly 

Your loyal and happy customers would gladly respond to a quick video survey and offer feedback on their experiences working with you or using your products.

And the best part? You get to share their awesome feedback to attract new customers and extract incredible insights that you can use to improve your offerings.


2. Getting employees to speak out 

Need to get your employees’ unfiltered opinions on working with your company? Look no further with video surveys.

Creating an engaging video survey with specific questions can help you understand your employees’ mindsets.

Such data can guide you toward improving employee retention.


3. Interviewing and recruiting top talent 

Video surveys make candidate screening for remote interviews a breeze.

A question-and-answer series like an interview embedded as a video survey will make the onboarding process more conversational and quick.


4. Conducting online exams for courses and workshops 

If you’re a course owner or conduct online workshops, a video survey can bring a creative twist to your online exams. 

A tool like Trust helps you create interactive video surveys to conduct virtual exams and assess your students without any delays.  


5. Uncovering market insights and trends  

Videos allow quantitative research to look into hidden market insights and trends. 

From conducting market research to analyzing social media trends, online video surveys help gather feedback in a more creative fashion.

For example, you can make submissions extra voluntary by offering customers incentives on responses. 

So that was about what video surveys are capable of.

But remember, you need a powerful and easy tool to create video surveys and collect responses effortlessly. 

Let’s discuss what to look for in a video survey tool. 


Key features of video survey tools and what to look for in them

What makes a video survey tool stand out? Here are some features that will help you decide its effectiveness: 

  • Ease of use 

This one’s a no-brainer. Video survey tools need to have an uncomplicated interface suitable for individuals from all backgrounds. 

Also, they should be easy to navigate so responders can easily submit feedback or testimonials.

 A video survey set up process in Trust

  • A high degree of customization 

A great video survey tool must lend you plenty of customization options where you are flexible enough to adjust your videos based on your brand’s dynamics.

For example, brand colors, logos, tone, etc., to create a more consistent and professional look.

The tool you choose should also let you offer adequate survey publishing options, such as landing pages, widgets, pop-up forms, and more.

  • In-built editing

Your video survey tool should be your one-stop destination from creating survey requests to collecting, editing, and publishing them.

So look for a tool with a rich built-in video editor that requires no designing skills and enables publish-ready video surveys.

  • Platform compatibility 

Compatibility across platforms like smartphones, desktops, and tablets ensures your videos reach wider audiences and gain better response rates.

So make sure your preferred tool offers cross-platform compatibility so your users can submit answers irrespective of their device. 

One video survey software that ticks all these boxes is Trust

In the next section, we’ll take you step by step into setting up an engaging video survey using Trust for free!


Set up an engaging video survey using Trust – a mini-guide 

Trust’s Interactive forms let you set up a video survey request from scratch in just a few minutes. 

They can be used to:

  • Add question-and-answer pairs as texts or videos.
  • Customize based on your brand’s voice and tone.
  • String multiple question and answer pairs together to create a video testimonial.
  • Collect user consent to circulate responses.
  • And more! 

Let’s find out how to bring your first video survey with Trust alive:


1. Trust’s free trial offers access to its Interactive forms 

Sign up for Trust’s 14-day free trial here – you don’t have to add your credit card!


2. Launch the Trust dashboard 

The Trust dashboard is your one-stop for all things related to video surveys and testimonials, from creating requests to publishing them.


3. Set up an Interactive video survey form for your users

No more monotonous feedback collection.

Trust’s Interactive forms are tailored to encourage conversations with a set of video questions and answers for an ultimate outcome.

To start: 

  • Look for “Survey forms” on your Trust dashboard, select New Form, and then Interactive form. You could also go to Forms > Add New > Interactive form.
  • Now comes customization. Start entering basic details, such as the logo, background colors based on your brand, buttons, form name, etc., under the “General” tab. On the right side of the screen, you can record and save video questions as part of your survey.
  • Next is the Welcome tab. Here, you can add a short welcome text or video message for survey responders to appreciate their efforts. 
  • Move on to the Testimonial tab to add your question-and-answer pairs to execute video surveys. Select the video option under the “How do you prefer to ask a question?” option. Similarly, select “video” under the Answer tab’s Options to Answer text. 

Pro tip: Always include guidelines so first-time users are more comfortable and confident submitting responses.

Trust allows you to add guidelines under the Interactive form’s Testimonial tab.  

  • The form’s page has options for collecting star ratings, the submitter’s personal details, social media profile links, and consent. 
  • Finally, add a personalized “thank you” note under the Thank you tab. 

Click Save when you’re happy with the inputs to finish setting up your first video survey with Trust.

Your video survey request form is now up and ready in under ten minutes!


4 awesome tips for unveiling rich responses from video surveys 

While you cannot entirely control what your survey respondents say, you can still ensure their responses align with your envisioned bottom line.

Here are some tips to support you:


1. Ask only open-ended questions 

An open-ended question urges respondents to ponder over the ask and put their feedback into better words without just answering with a “yes” or a “no.”

Some example question starters include:

  • What made you think…
  • In what ways…
  • Make a list of top reasons why…
  • Describe in a few words…


2. Keep feedback simple 

Always stick to simplicity, whether it’s your chosen video survey platform or the responding process you put your users through. 

Choose a few straightforward questions without confusing the users with layered questions.


3. Personalize everything 

Personalization builds trust among respondents and improves overall customer experience.

You can personalize survey aspects such as the welcome message, a thank-you note with custom incentives, tailored questions, colors, and more.


4. Choose the right platform 

Choosing the right video survey platform can significantly impact your bottom line.

Trust, for example, lets you personalize, offers flexibility with features like setting questions, encourages reviews and ratings, publishes your surveys in a click, and so much more.

So, why delay when you can start creating smart video surveys right away?

Start your journey with Trust – sign up for a 14-day all-access free trial today without any credit card info!

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