5 Top Gather Voices Alternatives to Share Authentic User Stories As Video Content

Gather Voices Alternatives

Any business owner or marketer looks to test a video marketing tool before purchasing it.

But unfortunately, most of them do not offer a free trial. Gather Voices is one of them.

Apart from this, Gather Voices lacks transparent pricing and is not a fully automated video marketing platform. 

So we don’t blame you if you’re looking for alternatives.

In this article, we review five of the best Gather Voices alternatives and highlight what makes them the best video creation and collection software.

We’ll compare Gather Voices alternatives: Trust, Dubb, Vocal Video, Boast.io, and Seenit


What does Gather Voices do?

Gather Voices is an easy-to-use video engagement platform to co-create videos within your community.

It follows a 3-step approach to gather online video content:

  • Gather video content by recording remotely on the platform. You can choose from pre-configured video requests or create from scratch 
  • Build video assets by applying a logo and brand colors, trimming video clips, and adding music
  • Share videos via email, social media, websites, etc.

You can also work with the platform’s in-house video marketing experts to set up your marketing campaigns. 


But why should you look for Gather Voices alternatives?

Below are some of Gather Voices’ potential drawbacks:

  • No free trial or plan to test the tool before fully committing to it
  • It is not yet a fully automated video software. For example, you cannot develop automated email campaigns to execute video collection
  • Although there’s no price transparency, our research suggests the basic Teams plan costs $900+ each month, and Enterprise costs about $2000 and up monthly – both expensive for SMBs and startups
  • No branding is available for the Teams plan despite the high pricing
  • The Teams plan has no integration options with other tools


Gather Voices alternative #1: Trust: A fully automated and affordable video testimonial solution 

Trust offers accessible video content in terms of both affordability and ease of use.

It’s an end-to-end automated solution for video testimonials you can rely on.

Under a single platform, you can create and send testimonial requests, edit videos, run automated email campaigns, and publish video content. 

Let’s discuss how Trust outperforms Gather Voices and how to use it to collect user-generated video content at scale. 


A fully automated video testimonial solution 

Unlike Gather Voices, you can automate sending testimonial requests via email with Trust.

Trust’s Contacts and Campaigns feature sets up a personalized email campaign to collect video testimonials from a set of contacts on auto-pilot. 

Integrate with Zapier to auto-add contacts into Trust.


High-quality, painless video editing 

With Trust, you can forget to use an external tool to edit your video feedback.

Trust’s in-built video editor helps you:

  • Trim videos in a click
  • Generate professional quality, upload-ready videos
  • Add custom intros and outros to make videos more engaging
  • Upload custom images and videos 
  • Add video captions
  • And more!


Easy and quick video collection for you and your recipients 

You no longer have to scratch your head wondering what makes recipients respond.

Trust makes it easy to collect videos in minutes.

Trust provides ready-to-fill testimonial forms that you can use to edit and send to recipients.

For example, Trust’s Interactive forms follow a Q&A-style testimonial collection that’s less overwhelming for first-time video responders.

You can record personalized video questions, welcome messages, and thank-you notes.

Your clients, customers, and employees will appreciate your time customizing each request and will reward you with a shining video testimonial! 


One-of-a-kind AI testimonial generation 

Trust has an in-built AI testimonial generator for forms to help you write full-fledged testimonial copies in seconds. 

You can use this AI technology to inspire your clients and customers to submit responses by just inputting a few keywords about your brand/product/service. 


How do Trust and Gather Voices compare in price?

Trust’s plans start at just $16/mo for annual payments, including a 14-day free trial. This is unlike Gather Voices, which has exorbitant prices and no free plan/trial. 

The Off the Ground and Business plans are also affordable, making them perfect for SMBs and startups looking to collect user-generated content at scale.

You can also get a custom-priced plan fitting your requirements if you’re an agency.


Gather Voices alternative #2: Dubb

Dubb is a video software tailored for sales teams.

It aims to replace video messages to attract potential customers through multiple channels like emails, LinkedIn, SMS, websites, and more. 

For example, you can deploy custom video pages to attract customers and book more calls.

Dubb offers presets that you can use for quick deployment. 

Here are some of Dubb’s features that outshine Gather Voices:

  • Has a 7-day free trial to test compatibility
  • Offers a Desktop version, a Chrome extension, and a mobile app for better accessibility 
  • Multiple powerful features, such as LinkedIn integration for sales video outreach, an AI writing assistant, video page presets for a quick headstart, and ready-to-use video scripts
  • AI feedback assistant, “Caira,” offers analytics so you can improve your future communications
  • More budget-friendly than Gather Voices. Dubb’s plans start from $59/mo


Any drawbacks of Dubb?

  • Lack of asynchronous video recording like Trust. You cannot collect video responses from customers or clients without them signing up for Dubb.


Gather Voices alternative #3: Vocal Video

Vocal Video is one of the most beginner-friendly video testimonial software out there.

Like Trust, you can create custom testimonial requests and share them with your recipients without installing any app or extension. 

Here are some of Vocal Video’s features that outshine Gather Voices:

  • Has a forever-free plan that enables you to collect up to 5 videos 
  • Compared to Gather Voices, Vocal Video has more pocket-friendly pricing plans. They start from just $39/mo.
  • Has in-built video editing tools for trimming responses, adjusting captions, splicing together testimonials, and more
  • Gather Voices limits the number of video views in each plan and asks you to upgrade your subscription. However, Vocal Video does not charge additional in-platform views


Any drawbacks of Vocal Video?

  • Vocal Video has only annual payment plans
  • The Pro plan lets you collect and publish just 3 videos a month, while Trust offers 50 for a lower price


Gather Voices alternative #4: Boast.io

Boast.io calls itself a user-generated video platform.

Using Boast.io, you can turn user-generated videos and testimonials into marketing campaigns that attract prospects via social proof. 

It is one of the most user-friendly testimonial management tools out there, with premade templates to request video responses, and offers an intuitive UI.

Here are some of Boast.io’s features that outshine Gather Voices:

  • Seamlessly integrates with your internal workflows and automates the testimonial collection process through scheduled testimonial requests and reminders
  • You can get your hands on templates across industries and domains. This way, you can save time creating questions or frame testimonial request forms from scratch 
  • Does not limit the number of videos you publish each month
  • Like Trust, you can create email campaigns to collect feedback  


Any drawbacks of Boast.io?

  • Video automations like branding, adding intros, etc., are not available for the Teams plan
  • No free plan, but has a free trial
  • Slightly more expensive compared to Trust and Vocal Video, as Boast.io’s plans start from $50/mo


Gather Voices alternative #5: Seenit

Seenit is a video platform tailored for employers to voice out the opinions of their team and employees.

The tool supports testimonial advertising for sales and marketing purposes, too.

Seenit supports the idea of user-generated video (UGV) for new-age brand marketing as they believe UGV is up to 3x more effective than regular professional videos.

Here are some of Seenit’s features that outshine Gather Voices:

  • An A-Z video solution where you can capture, edit, host, scale, and boost videos within a single platform
  • Every plan has unlimited users, so you can add your whole team and invite more at no additional cost
  • A dedicated customer success manager to ensure you exceed your expected ROI
  • Suits testimonial advertising for use cases under sales, marketing, employee branding, and more


Any drawbacks of Seenit?

  • Not for budget-conscious companies. The basic plan itself costs $13,000
  • No free plan or trial
  • Unlike Trust and Vocal Video, your submitters must download the Seenit app to submit a video response


Wrapping up – What’s the best Gather Voices alternative?

User-generated content is all around us.

But how effectively you use it is what truly matters.

While it can take an army to collect, manage, and publish user-generated content like video testimonials and video responses, an all-in-one tool can make your job easier. 

That’s when a feature-rich, fully automated video solution like Trust steps up as the best Gather Voices alternative.

It’s a must-have for anyone and any brand looking to produce professional video testimonials on auto-pilot.

Sign up for Trust’s 14-day free trial to explore the easiest way to capture and share user-generated content. 

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