8 Top Seenit Alternatives and Competitors (2024)

top seenit alternatives

Seenit is an employee-video solution that helps employers gather and edit employee videos.

Although a great all-in-one video solution, Seenit’s high price points are worrisome for most organizations.

If you’re in the same boat, we’ve got you.

This article introduces you to 8 affordable Seenit alternatives to collect employee videos: 

Trust, Vloggi, Vouch, Vocal Video, Gather Voices, Testimonial Hero, iCIMS Video Studio, and VideoAsk.


What is Seenit?

Seenit supports the idea of employer brand creation through employee-powered videos.

It encourages corporate organizations to showcase their culture and engage employees using quirky and unfiltered employee videos. 


But why do you need to look for Seenit alternatives?

Here’s why we think Seenit is not up to the mark:

  • High prices. Plans start from $13000 and up.
  • Video submitters are required to download the app on their local devices.
  • No free plan or trial.
  • Limited editing capability.

Now that we’ve enough reasons to look for Seenit alternatives, let’s get right into them.


Seenit alternative #1: Trust

Trust is the best alternative to Seenit for employee video testimonials and more.

It’s feature-rich, fully automated, and affordable for all kinds of organizations.

You can customize testimonial or video survey requests and allow recipients to record their responses without installing any app or logging in to Trust, unlike Seenit.

Whether you wish to improve employee branding or showcase reviews on your career page, Trust’s no-code video testimonial solution makes the process a cakewalk.


How does Trust outperform Seenit? 

Here’s a glimpse of Trust’s top features worth a try:

  • Trust has a zero learning curve and does not require responders to install the app on their phones or log in using credentials. You can just share the testimonial request as a link to collect feedback.
  • Make video testimonials more visually appealing using Trust’s auto-generated transcripts
  • Automate email campaigns to send testimonial collection requests by importing your contacts to the Trust dashboard. 
  • Dealing with first-time video testimonial submitters? Create video survey forms with a question-and-answer series for an easy interview-like testimonial submission. 
  • Unlike Seenit, Trust supports multiple use cases like testimonials for coaches, SaaS companies, business owners, and employers.
  • Advanced in-built video editing where you can trim videos, add intros/outros, change video response order, upload images, and more.
  • Perfect for all kinds of individuals and organizations and personal and professional uses. 


Any drawbacks of Trust?

  • Trust does not provide video metric tracking as of now.


How do Seenit and Trust compare in price? 

Seenit’s most basic plan without templates and video editing costs $13,000 annually.

Meanwhile, Trust with similar functionalities and more starts from just $16/mo for annual payments.  

If you need to publish more employee testimonials, say about 200 a month, the Off the Ground plan for $41/mo is perfect for you.

If you’re a larger organization with a higher website visitor count, you could try the Business plan, which costs just $83/mo.


Seenit alternative #2: Vloggi

Vloggi, like Seenit, is a user-generation video collection platform helping businesses to collect video content at scale. 

Unlike Seenit, Vloggi does not require recipients to sign in or install any app.

Vloggi also supports a wide range of use cases like employee branding, customer feedback, endorsements, and more. 

Vloggi is definitely more affordable than Seenit, as plans start from $45/mo and up.

But compared to Trust, Vloggi’s pricing can scale as your video requirements grow. For example, Vloggi costs $129/mo for 250 videos, whereas Trust costs $41/mo for 200 videos.


Seenit alternative #3: Vouch

Vouch is a leading video testimonial platform that supports asynchronous video communication.

Its main use case is helping you build a strong employer brand with video. 

Just like Trust, using Vouch, you can collect responses using a video collection link, and users don’t have to be signed in to submit their feedback.

Also, Vouch has a built-in video editor that lets you edit your video feedback within the tool and make it publish-ready.

We found Vouch to have a lesser learning curve and more user-friendly UI than Seenit

Vouch pricing is very straightforward.

It has the Teams plan for $7,200 annually and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Vouch is more expensive than Trust but still cheaper than Seenit.


Seenit alternative #4: Vocal Video

Vocal Video is another great Seenit alternative allowing you to collect employee and customer video testimonials through a rich, user-friendly interface.

Unlike Seenit, Vocal Video does not require app installation to submit feedback. It also offers over 47 video collector templates to ask employees or clients custom questions.

Like Trust, Vocal Video has a built-in video editing tool to add subtitles, trim videos, stitch together responses, and more.

Vocal Video is reasonably priced, with plans starting from $39/mo.

However, its basic paid plan offers up to 3 videos a month, which is less than Trust’s 50 videos a month for half the price. 


Seenit alternative #5: Gather Voices 

Gather Voices is a noteworthy Seenit competitor if you want to remotely record user-generated content within your community. 

You can use a single platform to co-create videos with your community and make their voices heard.

And not just recording, you and your community members can edit videos right on the platform without hiring an expert.

The biggest drawback of the platform is a lack of a free plan or trial.

You can only sign up for a free demo.

Also, there’s no transparency on the pricing plans as they are all custom-priced. But every plan offers unlimited video collection and video hosting. 


Seenit alternative #6: Testimonial Hero

Looking for a done-for-you solution for employee or customer video testimonial collection?

Then Testimonial Hero could be a perfect fit to boost your brand image.

The crew will work with your employees and clients to record their feedback remotely by checking the right lighting, sound, and flow.

The platform takes care of the end-to-end process of capturing and editing high-quality employee and client video testimonials. 

However, Testimonial Hero has a steep pricing compared to Trust and Vocal Video.

For example, its basic plan costs $6,510/year.

So, it may not suit SMBs looking for a more budget-friendly solution. Another drawback is the lack of control over the output, which most companies may not appreciate.  


Seenit alternative #7: iCIMS Video Studio

iCIMS Video Studio is an employee video testimonial tool within the iCIMS recruiting software suite.

Employers can use their studio to record employee testimonials and set up asynchronous video interviews – all in one tool. 

The video studio includes a basic package of editing tools perfect for beginners and video templates where you can send your team testimonial prompts to collect employee videos. 

This tool is perfect for employers seeking an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrated with video feedback functionalities. 

The platform’s major drawback is a lack of free plans or transparent pricing.


Seenit alternative #8: VideoAsk 

VideoAsk is similar to Trust as you can gather feedback using customized video testimonial request forms.

You can also set up prompts for recipients to record answers without fearing the camera.

You can access video insights to gauge the performance of your video marketing campaign.

For example, you can track the number of people who interacted/completed/answered your testimonial requests. 

Although a great asynchronous video platform, VideoAsk has limited editing functionality compared to tools like Trust and Vocal Video. 

Compared to Seenit, VideoAsk has a budget-friendly price point with plans starting from as low as $24/mo. 


What’s the best Seenit alternative?

We hope our article has shed light on the kind of video testimonial software you can choose for employee and customer testimonials. 

If you’re still undecided, here’s a quick wrap-up of our top Seenit alternatives and competitors:

  • Trust: An all-in-one, fully automated video testimonial, and review platform for many use cases.
  • Vloggi: The best video platform to collect user-generated and improve your employer branding.
  • Vouch: An asynchronous video review platform to showcase your work culture with a slightly high price point but a rich UI.
  • Vocal Video: A reasonably priced video testimonial platform perfect for any use case and has a rich UI with a minimal learning curve. 
  • Gather Voices: A great option if you want to record user-generated content remotely within your community. But there is no free plan or trial to test.
  • Testimonial Hero: For companies looking for a complete done-for-you testimonial solution and having a sufficient budget.
  • iCIMS Video Studio: An ATS integrated with a video testimonial solution for companies willing to boost their brand image and attract candidates.
  • VideoAsk: A budget-friendly tool to collect video feedback asynchronously. 

Now the question is, what’s the best Seenit alternative from this lot?

A video testimonial tool should give you the flexibility to edit testimonial requests to match each recipient’s needs while automating the whole process for you. 

One tool that takes care of automation, editing, and testimonial collection and display while being affordable is Trust

Don’t believe us! Try and test the tool for free to see our claims in action. Start the 14-day free trial today!

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