5 Best ShoutOut Social Alternatives For 2024 

ShoutOut Social Alternatives

ShoutOut Social is a video creation software where you can create branded and personalized video testimonials.

It has a unique drag-and-drop interface to edit video templates and testimonial request options.

However, we found ShoutOut’s interface quite complicated for testimonial collection and had to look into their help documents to make the best use of the tool. 

So, we don’t blame you if you’re looking for a better alternative to ShoutOut Social to save you and your customers time learning the tool!

This guide will analyze the five best ShoutOut Social alternatives you can consider to create authentic video testimonials with minimal effort.

We’ll compare ShoutOut alternatives: Trust, Famewall, Vouch, VideoPeel, and Senja.


What does ShoutOut Social do?

ShoutOut Social lets you create on-brand videos for testimonials, sales, and event promotions.

It stresses using their built-in branding templates to set up “testimonial projects.” 

You can add and notify your team to edit or submit responses.

The software also has plenty of editing features to make your video testimonial publish-ready. 


But why should you look for ShoutOut Social alternatives?

Although the platform offers plenty of templates to get a quick start, honestly, the template itself is not ready to use and needs some editing from your side.

So, editing can be confusing and time-consuming for someone without design expertise.

It’s like using a third-party tool like Canva to do the design legwork before you start collecting testimonials. 

Also, the free plan is very limited.

You can only create one project to test the tool and get used to the features.

Here are more reasons why ShoutOut Social may not be for you and why you must consider its alternatives:

  • Not beginner-friendly and has a steep learning curve. For example, you need some experience in designing and editing to make the best use of their templates.
  • Most features are not compatible with the Safari browser.
  • Submitters must trim their videos themselves before moving on to answering the next question for a video testimonial.
  • The free plan is limited to one project under six minutes.
  • The paid plans limit the number of projects you can create. For instance, The Crawl plan – ShoutOut Lite for $12/mo lets you create only 2 projects.

Now that we have enough reasons to consider ShoutOut Social alternatives let’s get into them without further ado.


ShoutOut Social alternative #1: Trust: A fully automated and affordable video testimonial solution 

Trust is a completely automated solution for video testimonials while being beginner-friendly and easy on the pocket.

You or your customers don’t have to log in or install the app to submit feedback.

Unlike ShoutOut Social, Trust’s editable Interactive forms for testimonial collection make requesting, recording, and submitting testimonials effortless. 

Let’s discuss how Trust outperforms ShoutOut Social and how to use it to collect video testimonials.


A seamless, simple, and user-friendly interface 

Trust stands as the most user-friendly and no-nonsense tool among all leading testimonial software.   

You don’t need any design, editing, or coding skills to foray into collecting authentic video testimonials from your clients, employees, or customers.

What’s more?

Video collection does not have to be complicated like how ShoutOut Social portrays.

With Trust, you don’t have to do the legwork but instead focus on framing quality questions your recipients can easily answer.

Trust provides ready-to-fill testimonial forms that you can use to edit and send to recipients.

For example, Trust’s Interactive forms follow a Q&A-style testimonial collection that’s less overwhelming for first-time video responders.

Personalize your testimonial forms as you like.

Add custom welcome messages (video or text), a thank-you note, collect consent, and so much more. 


An extensive and A-Z automated video testimonial solution 

With Trust, you automate sending testimonial requests via email in just a few clicks.

Trust’s Contacts and Campaigns feature can be used to create a personalized email campaign to collect video testimonials on auto-pilot. 

Integrate Zapier with Trust to auto-populate contacts or just upload a CSV file directly onto your Trust dashboard. 


Edit and publish video testimonials in under a minute 

Trust’s built-in video editor is like having a professional designer on your team

You can trim videos, add custom video intros/outros, upload local videos, add captions, and more to produce professional-quality videos in minutes.

Trust provides a library of ready-made widgets, pop-ups, badges, and rich snippet templates for publishing attractive video testimonials. 

You can just copy-paste Trust’s code to publish testimonials in seconds (literally)!

Trust has an impressive “Wall of Love” functionality where you can collect multiple text and video testimonials and star ratings and publish them as a Wall of Love widget.


ShoutOut Social alternative #2: Famewall

Famewall is a simple and straightforward video testimonial platform.

It offers a dedicated landing page to display your collected testimonials without much hassle.

Unlike ShoutOut Social’s complicated templates, Famewall offers a stress-free solution to testimonial collection – an easy-to-understand template to collect responses.

ShoutOut Social has limited options to customize testimonials as widgets, but Famewall offers beautiful ways to display your testimonials through ready-made widgets. 

Also, Famewall provides custom domains to load your testimonials, which is missing in ShoutOut. 

Famewall’s main selling points are its brand pages, which are perfect for SEO-oriented eCommerce and product-based companies looking to display product reviews and attract sales. 


ShoutOut Social alternative #3: Vouch

Vouch is another user-friendly ShoutOut competitor worth a try.

Video collection steps are pretty easy compared to ShoutOut. 

For example, you can create a “Vouch” by framing custom questions your team or clients can quickly record answers to.

Such an asynchronous video recording format makes the whole process less complicated.

Unlike ShoutOut, you’re not bothered choosing and designing templates instead of doing what truly matters – asking customers the right questions for a compelling testimonial.

You can create video playlists in minutes by piecing together testimonial videos and preparing them for other platforms and marketing campaigns.

Although Vouch offers incredible support for video testimonials, unfortunately, it does not support collecting written testimonials. 

And another drawback of this video-only platform is its price point.

Pricing is limited to the Teams and Enterprise plans, costing $600/mo and up.

This is quite expensive compared to other better video marketing tools like Trust.


ShoutOut Social alternative #4: VideoPeel

VideoPeel is an automated video software perfect for collecting user-generated content like customer video testimonials.  

What makes it a great ShoutOut Social alternative? The software provides a simple method to collect and display testimonials.

You can create customized campaigns for each testimonial type and add unique prompts to help respondents. 

VideoPeel is especially useful if you’re in the eCommerce or edTech industry due to its tailored use-case-based templates, for example, customers’ product demo videos and video-based student assessments.

But compared to Trust, VideoPeel has limited video editing features and lacks multi-user support for plans outside Enterprise. 


ShoutOut Social alternative #5: Senja

Senja is a very beginner-friendly testimonial and case study platform with a rich user interface.

Just like Trust, Senja lets you create a custom testimonial request form without any hassle. 

Senja possesses more advanced customization capabilities than ShoutOut Social.

For example, Senja’s Social Proof Studio can be used to display customer testimonials created from a vast widget and the Wall of Love library. 

Senja could be an all-in-one testimonial solution like Trust if it provided video editing capabilities for upload-ready responses.

Small businesses can benefit the most from Senja as it offers unlimited testimonials and affordable paid plans.


Wrapping up – What’s the best ShoutOut Social alternative?

It’s always a great idea to opt for a tool that offers a full suite of features needed for rich video testimonials. 

Trust provides an easy interface while guiding you through every step until you publish your testimonials.

So, it’s safe to say that it’s an all-in-one, A-Z automated tool to collect, manage, edit, and publish video testimonials compared to ShoutOut Social and the rest.

Sign up for Trust’s 14-day free trial to collect video testimonials without the hassle!

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