Financial Services Testimonials: Stories of Success

financial services testimonials

Do you work in finance and want to elevate your marketing campaigns? Customer testimonial is the answer you’re looking for.

Financial services depend heavily on customers, from acquiring them to moving them to the decision stage until converting them.

So it only makes sense to leverage customer testimonials to build trust among prospects and convert them to purchasing customers.

Did you know 72% of customers say positive testimonials let them take a leap of faith and trust a business? 

This article shows you how to include financial services testimonials in your digital marketing collateral and showcase proof correctly.


The power of testimonials in financial services 

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes to understand the power testimonials hold.

What would it take to trust a new business before putting your money on the table?

Firstly, you would like to understand their process and success rate. But hearing firsthand from their current or past clients’ experiences multiplies trust in the business and its services.

Now that’s what testimonials are all about.

Testimonials are your customers’ ‘spoken word.’

They build trust and credibility by portraying your financial business as the winner. 

But what about customer retention?

Can testimonials help retain customers and boost loyalty? Yes!

Testimonials help not just in attracting new clients but they can also help retain current clients. 

Social proof and testimonials showcase your business’s value proposition and remind your customers to continue working with you.

The two most powerful forms of testimonials are text and video testimonials.

Well-curated video testimonials can fasten a confused prospect’s purchase decision, thus shortening your sales cycle.

A few other testimonials you could use are: audio testimonials, social media testimonials, case studies, customer reviews, and star ratings. 


Boost your brand with video testimonials 

What can effective video testimonials do for your brand? Let’s find out.


Video testimonials and their effectiveness in boosting brand reputation 

Compared to written and audio testimonials, video testimonials can better capture your client’s emotions and are more engaging and persuasive. 

Think about it.

Your clients are raw and genuine while discussing their success stories with your company face-to-face.

Sharing such testimonials on social media sites, uploading them to your website, and circulating them across other marketing materials can add brand credibility and build an unbreakable brand reputation.


Inspiring examples of video testimonials in the financial services industry 

Here are two financial services companies killing it with video testimonials as part of their marketing campaigns:


#1. Wealthsimple 

Wealthsimple is a financial investment company for clients looking to up their personal finance game with smart tools and expert advice. 

This customer-focused brand leveraged client video testimonials to portray success stories and inspire potential buyers to invest with them. 

Their customer video testimonial is a short 30-sec video of a happy client talking about their amazing experience working with the company and the results they’ve achieved together.

The video testimonial is engaging, raw, and relevant to potential buyers. It has garnered over 10k views on their personal channel.


#2. eFront

eFront is a private equity and alternative investments software firm.

The company has a website page with client testimonial videos sectioned across various solutions they offer. 

This is a brilliant example of using video testimonials to showcase your product benefits and attract prospects visiting your website.

The video testimonial has top executive clients talking about their experiences with the firm, the benefits of working with them, the firm’s expertise in financial affairs, and how they wish to continue the strong relationship. 

How can you start a similar journey by gathering and publishing authoritative video testimonials?


Introducing Trust – a one-stop video testimonial collection and display software

Collecting and displaying financial client testimonials are now just a few clicks away.

Trust is an all-inclusive text and video testimonial platform helping you gather, submit, edit, and display testimonials in a few minutes.

Trust has a wide array of testimonial features, for example, smart and interactive forms to collect client responses using a clean form method, a user-friendly UI, AI support to generate testimonials, tons of attractive widgets and form elements to display testimonials, etc.

And all these with zero technical knowledge requirements.

Try Trust for free today!


Create value by transforming customer journeys

Most financial companies’ total revenue depends on the effectiveness of their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

And one aspect that helps both these strategies gain momentum is displaying solid social proof. 

Below, we’ve highlighted the importance of leveraging customer-centric strategies as a company in the financial sector:

  • To stand apart from the competition – Financial services is a highly saturated market segment. So the best ways to attract new clients and stand out from the crowd are by leveraging social proof, creating personalized customer experiences across digital touchpoints, maintaining client relationships by understanding their preferences, and so on.
  • Build brand credibility– Understanding clients’ preferences, tendencies, purchase behavior, etc., shows that you care for your customer’s best interest. Doing so makes them trust you and stay loyal to the brand. Eventually, more trust indicates more referrals coming your way.
  • Clients turn into brand advocates –  A great customer experience as a result of executing customer-centric engagement strategies can turn satisfied clients into brand advocates. They help build brand reputation through positive word-of-mouth.
  • Increased revenue – Understanding your clients and their financial requirements in and out allows you to tap into up-selling opportunities, for example, selling additional financial services or products, resulting in more revenue. Such approaches are only possible with a customer-focused strategy.

But how can testimonials contribute to transforming customer journeys? 

Genuine testimonials form an instant personal connection with a viewer. 

Say a potential client is in the consideration stage of their customer journey. In such an instance, a client’s testimonial showcasing your solution’s benefits, explaining how they overcame their pain points, exploring financial matters, etc., persuades the viewer to make their decision faster and move to the next stage of their journey (for example, the purchase/decision stage).


Trust: a complete video testimonial solution 

Need a feature-rich, A-Z tool to take care of testimonial requesting, gathering, and publishing, minus the tech headache?

Look no further with Trust.

Trust is an all-inclusive video testimonial and review platform with tons of compelling features to help you attract prospects across digital channels.   


Trust’s top features and benefits that are a perfect match for your financial services company:

What makes Trust’s features stand out from other video testimonial platforms? Here are some:

  • Customized Interactive and Smart forms to collect client testimonials at scale:

Your clients need not stare at a blank screen anymore. With Trust’s clean forms, you can ask tailored questions to clients and let them simply answer them and record themselves. The drag-and-drop form builder is extremely easy to use for even beginners.

Interactive form for a video testimonial

  • In-built teleprompter:

This one is for camera-shy clients. They can easily read from scripts using Trust’s in-built teleprompter without any lags or the pain of multiple recording trials. This feature can be used across devices, and the text can be edited anytime.

  • Automate testimonial collection with Trust and Zapier:

Did a financial client leave a 4 or a 5-star rating for your services? It could be the perfect time to request a testimonial.

Trust and the Zapier integration can put this entire process in auto-pilot mode and seamlessly run automated testimonial collection campaigns. 

  • Import reviews for a more centralized view:

If your financial company’s reviews and ratings are spread across sites like Google, Facebook, Capterra, etc., Trust allows you to import them onto the dashboard and publish them on your website.

The best part? 

Thanks to its highly intuitive design and straightforward onboarding process, Trust has a minimal learning curve. Also, your clients submitting testimonials are not required to log in to a Trust account or install an app.


Integrating testimonial widgets into your website 

Website widgets are great at capturing a visitor’s attention and increasing their time spent on the page. Pair them with testimonials, and you have an ultimate attention grabber. 

Testimonial widgets are more engaging and help convey useful information to visitors easily. 

So if a confused prospect is on your home page looking for a sign to drop a financial service inquiry, a testimonial widget appearing on their screen could push them to take the call faster.

With Trust, creating and publishing testimonial widgets just got easier!

Trust offers you a wide range of pre-made widget templates and the freedom to customize your widget according to your company’s brand colors. 

And not just widgets, Trust lets you explore your creative side by offering creative pop-ups, badges, floating stars, and rich snippets to display your financial client testimonials and attract high-intent prospects.

Testimonial widgets using Trust

Note: PublishingTrust’s widgets and other testimonial display options require zero coding or design skills.


Success stories: how financial services companies have leveraged testimonials

So far, we’ve gathered that client testimonials can add significant value to your financial solutions. 

And here are two financial services companies that show you how it’s done:


#1. Wealthfront

Wealthfront has a website landing page dedicated to its clients’ written testimonials. You can find them displaying testimonials using creative designs and formats, for example, as customer quotes, widgets, floating stars, and client stories:


What works?

  • The dedicated landing page attracts prospects through organic search or paid advertising.
  • Wealthfront has a CTA leading visitors to read over 15k+ testimonials by installing their app. This proves that testimonials are a major part of their marketing campaigns and app downloads.


#2. LendingClub

LendingClub is a customer-centric, P2P lending platform. The company uses client testimonials and star ratings to feature its platform on Google’s search engine results page as a rich snippet:


What works?

  • As you can see, the rich snippet has a direct client quote from a testimonial and a star rating. This strategy will surely garner more clicks from potential clients through organic search.
  • The company also has a landing page with genuine client video testimonials to attract potential clients and fasten their decision-making process.


Wrapping up 

As financial advisors and professionals, testimonials should be your go-to marketing asset to attract website visitors, use in company brochures, circulate across social media sites, etc.

That’s the easiest way to stand out from the ever-increasing competition and add much-needed credibility to your financial services. 

With Trust by your side, you can forget to hire experts to curate and display testimonials. It needs zero coding or design skills and gets you publishing client testimonials in under ten minutes!

Still on the fence? Sign up for Trust’s 14-day free trial today before going all in!


Frequently asked questions 

1. How do you write a good financial advisor review?

Write about your experiences working with the financial advisor and what challenges they helped solve. Highlight for how long you’ve worked with them, their best interests, and their note-worthy skills that made you stick with them. 

2. Can financial advisors have testimonials?

Yes, financial advisors can have testimonials. Although, it’s best to collect the client’s consent before publishing or circulating the testimonial.

3. What is the testimonial rule for financial advisors?

Financial advisors are not allowed to pay compensation or a commission for the testimonial. And no family or friends can submit a testimonial for them. The testimonial language must be clear and come from an active client.

4. How do you compliment a financial advisor?

Here’s a sample: “Mr. John understood my financial goals clearly and suggested ways to manage and invest my money in stocks to ensure promising returns. I’ve been working with him the past few years. He’s best at explaining financial security and financial planning. He’s a highly skilled advisor, and would recommend him to everyone looking to grow their money through stocks and retirement planning.

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