Top 5 Senja Alternatives For Video Testimonials – Here’s an In-Depth Tools Review

Tried Senja but did not like it? Then this article is for you. 

Senja is a beginner-friendly tool that makes testimonial collection quick and easy, but there’s still a long way to go to call it an “all-in-one” testimonial software.

So we’re here with our top 5 Senja alternatives so you can pick the best one.

Below are the best Senja alternatives we’ll be reviewing:

Trust, VidScout, Famewall, Vidmonials, and VideoAsk.

Let’s dive in.


What is Senja?

Senja is a newly launched testimonial software used to collect, manage, and embed customer testimonials. 

Senja has a rich user interface with a minimal learning curve. Freelancers and SaaS startups loved Senja’s design and “Wall of Love” to showcase customer feedback. 

Senja’s customer testimonial forms 


But why do you need to look for Senja alternatives? 

Below are a few areas we believe Senja lacks and why we think you must try its better alternatives:

  • Senja has no all-access free trial. So you can only get the complete picture by purchasing the basic plan.
  • Senja is still in its infancy and is not an extensive solution for testimonials. For example, there are no video editing or formatting options. You must use a third-party tool for publish-ready testimonials.  
  • With the free plan, you can only collect up to 15 video and text testimonials and just one form.
  • Senja’s forms do not support the Q&A format for testimonial collection, which could make submission easier for your customers. 
  • Paid plans restrict testimonial form creation. For example, Starter allows only three forms, and Pro allows up to 10. 
  • Senja does not auto-generate subtitles for video testimonials. 


Senja alternative #1: Trust 

Trust is the best alternative to Senja as it is a feature-rich, fully automated solution offering video capturing to customization – add transcripts, auto-create captions, add logos, etc., all within a single tool. 

Trust has zero learning curve and has something for every background. 

For example, Q&A-survey testimonial collection forms for users who’d like to interview their customers, auto-generated transcripts for easier video testimonial recording, a built-in AI tool to write testimonials in seconds, and more. 


How does Trust outperform Senja?

Here are some features and benefits that make Trust the best Senja alternative:

  • Senja has no video editing capabilities, whereas Trust has built-in advanced video formatting and editing features, so you don’t have to leave your Trust account to polish video testimonials. 
  • Trust’s forms let you collect testimonials using seamless Q&A-style conversations. This way, your customers are not pressured but allowed to record raw responses. 
  • Senja has no teleprompter, but Trust does. It can help your clients be more confident in front of the camera. 
  • Trust auto-generates video subtitles so viewers can watch your published video testimonials in public spaces. Senja, on the other hand, does not have this feature. 


Any drawbacks of Trust?

  • Trust currently has no video metrics tracking functionality.
  • Trust does not have a free-forever plan but has a freemium plan with a 14-day trial period


How do Senja and Trust compare in price?

Trust’s pricing plans

Trust’s annual plans start from $16 monthly, which includes unlimited forms, but Senja’s plans start from $15/mo with limited testimonial forms per plan.

Trust’s Off the Ground plan is perfect for SMBs and costs $41/mo. Its Business plan, costing just $83/mo, is suitable for enterprises with a higher monthly visitor count. 

Senja has no enterprise plans for larger companies needing more than 10 forms – which is a major drawback. 

Would you like to try Trust? Sign up for Trust’s credit card-less 14-day free trial right away.


Senja alternative #2: VidScout

VidScout is an easy-to-operate testimonial platform that aims to boost conversion rates using solid social proof. 

You can import reviews or request them automatically using VidScout’s landing page and create your own personalized domain to add your testimonial stack.

VidScout “Stack” to collect testimonials and star ratings


How does VidScout outperform Senja?

Below are some VidScout features that we think outshine Senja:

  • VidScout supports adding a Q&A series for testimonial forms, unlike Senja. These can make collecting video and text testimonials more conversational and natural. 
  • The “VidScout special feature” lets you add your top testimonials or a single one as a landing page and embed it on your website in under a minute. 
  • Create custom “Stacks” with personalized domains for customers to post text and video testimonials with just a link.
  • Offers video metrics to track video testimonial performance.
  • Unlike Senja, VidScout offers auto transcription of video testimonials.


Any drawbacks of VidScout?

  • We did not find their support documents up to the mark.
  • Lack of video editing capability. 
  • Has basic customizations, such as color, fonts, and themes. 
  • No Zapier integration.


How do Senja and VidScout compare in price?

VidScout has a free plan but very limited features, such as form creation without testimonial customization. 

The Starter plan, priced at $17/mo is slightly cheaper than Senja’s $19/mo.

However, for a custom domain, video metrics, and >4 video length, you must opt for the Pro plan, which costs $37/mo. The Agency plan for $97/mo is for you if you’re a larger agency or an enterprise.


Senja alternative #3: Famewall

Famewall is a straightforward testimonial software, which just like its name, offers a dedicated wall, a.k.a, landing page to display your social proof without any coding. 

You can also host a collection page and personalize it to automate customer testimonial collection. 

Famewall’s testimonial collection page


How does Famewall outperform Senja?

Here’s why you should prefer Famewall over Senja:

  • Famewall offers SEO-optimized brand pages suitable for product-based companies and eCommerce businesses. You can display your products along with their social proof on your own brand page.
  • Famewall offers a customizable and dedicated landing page to display your best testimonials. 
  • Famewall is more affordable than Senja. The lowest-priced plan starts from $9.99/mo.
  • Plenty of widget types to show off your testimonials creatively. For example, social proof avatar styles, award-style testimonial displays, carousels, etc.


Any drawbacks of Famewall?

  • Does not offer video analytics or reporting.
  • There are no video editing options yet.
  • The solution may be too basic for larger enterprises but suits smaller creators and solopreneurs.


How do Senja and Famewall compare in price?

Famewall’s monthly plans are clearly more affordable than Senja’s for pretty much the same features. 

However, Famewall’s Standard plan offers only 6 video testimonials, unlike Trust, which offers 50. 

So if you’re an SMB looking to publish more testimonials, you must choose the Business plan costing a whopping $99.99/mo.


Senja alternative #4: Vidmonials 

Vidmonials is another interesting testimonial software worth a try. It caters to plenty of use cases, such as real estate, eCommerce, recruitment, sales, and more. 

You can create testimonial campaigns to automate testimonial collection from your favorite clients and customers. 

Vidmonials’ testimonial request template


How does Vidmonials outperform Senja?

  • Unlike Senja, Vidmonials has decent video editing options like trimming, music addition, and formatting.
  • Vidmonials “Campaigns” enable you to gather video responses from a group of clients or customers by just sharing a single campaign link.
  • Senja does not auto-generate video transcripts for testimonials, but Vidmonials does with its AI-based transcription tool. 
  • You can create on-brand landing pages to showcase your best testimonials and attract potential customers visiting your website.
  • Your clients can scan your Vidmonial account’s QR code to submit a testimonial, which makes submission seamless and quick. 
  • Offers reports so you can gauge your video testimonials’ performance across sites. 


Any drawbacks of Vidmonials?

  • Testimonial request forms have basic designs and limited customization options.
  • Unlike Trust, you cannot add thank-you pages, customer consent, and ways to collect customers’ social media handles.
  • Limited testimonial publishing options. 
  • Has a very basic UI. 


How do Senja and Vidmonials compare in price?

Vidmonials is pricier than Senja. The latter’s lowest-priced plan costs $19/mo, whereas Vidmonials starts from $29/mo. 

However, Vidmonials’ Professional plan allows up to 10 users under an account, making the price point affordable for small to mid-sized teams. 

The Enterprise plan allows unlimited users and text testimonials and up to 200 video minutes a month – suiting enterprises and agencies. 


Senja alternative #5: VideoAsk 

VideoAsk is another worthy Senja alternative thanks to its efficient solution for collecting video responses. VideoAsk lets you gather feedback in an asynchronous video format. 

You can just pick a template and select from up to nine questions to ask your client or customer. Its asynchronous video interview-like recording solution is great for sales and marketing teams. 

Collect asynchronous video responses with VideoAsk 


How does VideoAsk outperform Senja?

  • Asynchronous interviews for testimonials save your clients and customers time as they can record anytime and anywhere. 
  • Unlike Senja, VideoAsk auto-transcribes all of your video testimonials so you don’t have to edit them.
  • Offers exclusive video performance analytics, such as drop-offs, conversions, clicks, visits, etc.
  • Senja does not support the Q&A format, but VideoAsk does. You can create video forms for responses by choosing from nine ready-made questions. 
  • Allows video answers across formats like open-ended, multiple-choice, AI Chatbot, file upload, and more. 


Any drawbacks of VideoAsk?

  • Has a higher price point than most leading video testimonial software like Trust.
  • Not enough video editing options.
  • Limited video display and customization options. 


How do Senja and VideoAsk compare in price?

VideoAsk’s Grow plan costs $30 which is pricier than Senja’s. However, you can add up to 5 team members, access insights, track respondents, and access a few other advanced features. 

If you need your own branding and AI Chatbot support, you can choose the Brand plan costing $50/mo.


Best Senja alternative – what’s the verdict?

Here are our final views post-testing each Senja alternative:

  • Trust: A complete and affordable solution for businesses looking to grow credibility with testimonials. Collect, manage, edit, and publish in a few clicks without the tech fuss. Suitable for SMBs, solopreneurs, SaaS companies, and eCommerce businesses.
  • VidScout: A user-friendly tool with basic customization features. Has video metrics useful to track video performance. Suitable for sales teams looking to group testimonials from a bunch of customers as a VidScout “stack.”
  • Famewall: A straightforward testimonial software that helps you create brand pages and dedicated landing pages for your best testimonials. But does not offer enough video testimonial collections for its paid plans.
  • Vidmonials: A very basic testimonial software with limited customization and publishing capabilities. Perfect for businesses looking for a simple solution to create testimonial collection campaigns and access performance reports. 
  • VideoAsk: It offers a rich UI/UX but can be expensive for SMBs and solo business owners. You can collect responses across various formats with a Q&A-like survey. 

 Want our unbiased verdict? A testimonial tool should be fully automated, affordable, AI-enabled, and have zero learning curve to make attracting visitors easy on your pocket and time. 

And one tool that ticks all these boxes is Trust!

You don’t have to take our word for it. Try your hands at Trust’s 14-day credit card-less free trial and see for yourself. 

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