4 Top Vouch Alternatives For Impactful Video Testimonials – Here’s Our Detailed Feedback in 2024

Top Vouch Alternatives

Did you consider using Vouch to tell your customer stories with video testimonials but find it too expensive? We hear you.

Vouch is an easy-to-use video testimonial software, but $600 a month can be over budget for SMBs and solopreneurs, especially with other more affordable, premium tools out there.

In this article, we review four worthy Vouch alternatives to start collecting and showcasing out-of-this-world video testimonials. 

The following are the budget-friendly yet powerful alternatives to Vouch that we’ll be reviewing:

  • Trust: A complete, one-stop solution for video testimonials with zero learning curve.
  • VidScout: An extensive testimonial tool with minimal customization.
  • Senja: A user-friendly tool with a clean process for testimonial collection.
  • VideoAsk: A tool offering practical ways to collect video feedback through an interactive format and the ability to create video funnels.


What is Vouch?

Vouch is a video testimonial software with an asynchronous method of feedback collection. You can add questions to which your clients or customers can easily record answers.

It lets you personalize testimonial requests by adding custom avatars and messages. 


But why do you need an alternative to Vouch?

Although Vouch makes it easy to collect engaging testimonials, below are a few missing aspects where we believe you must consider its competitors:

  • The lack of a free plan or trial makes it hard to test out the tool before committing 
  • Lack of advanced editing functionality for the price point
  • Inflexible pricing. It has only a Team and an Enterprise plan – making it unsuitable for individual business owners and smaller teams
  • The “Teams” plan, despite high pricing, does not offer advanced analytics and white labeling 
  • Less customization 
  • It can be expensive for creators, freelancers, startups, and SMEs


Vouch alternative #1: Trust

Trust is a fully automated solution to video testimonials. You can literally sit back and let Trust do the testimonial collection for you – all this at an affordable price point.

Unlike Vouch, you’re offered the flexibility to choose a plan of your choice, post-testing the tool for free. 


How does Trust outperform Vouch?

Here are more reasons why Trust may be the best alternative to Vouch:

  • Unlike Vouch, which offers no free plan or trial, Trust’s all-access free trial for 14 days is ample time to test the video testimonial tool in and out. During this trial, you can create testimonial request forms with Q&As, edit videos, and publish testimonials with Trust’s ready-to-copy code. 
  • Trust’s paid plans start from just $16 monthly – about 38 times cheaper than Vouch for similar features.
  • Vouch does not let you embed testimonials as attractive widgets or within a Wall of Love, but Trust does. Choose from a variety of widget templates and embed your customer video testimonials as an exclusive Wall of Love.  
  • Easy and quick automation, where you can import customer contacts and send email campaigns with links for automatic testimonial collection at your preferred time.


Any drawbacks of Trust?

  • Trust has no video metric tracking functionality as of now.


How do Trust and Vouch compare in price?

Trust’s annual plans start from just $16 monthly for 50 testimonials – nearly 38 times cheaper than Vouch. If you’re a solo creator, freelancer, or solopreneur, then the Starter plan is for you. 

Trust’s Off the Ground plan for $41 monthly best suits small and medium-sized businesses with a higher visitor count. Meanwhile, the Business plan is perfect for enterprises and larger agencies looking to grow sales with social proof. 


Vouch alternative #2: VidScout

Want to share and manage testimonials the easy way? VidScout makes this possible.

VidScout is another great Vouch alternative with reasonable pricing, rich features, and an easy-to-use interface. It’s an extensive tool offering “stack pages” and a personalized domain to share your customer feedback.


How does VidScout outperform Vouch?

Below are some of VidScout’s outstanding features: 

  • A very hands-on approach to testimonial publishing through customizable landing pages, personalized domains, and tailored stacks. 
  • Unlike Vouch, VidScout has various priced plans that suit individuals and businesses of all sizes.
  • VidScout’s noteworthy feature is its unlimited text and video testimonials across all paid plans.
  • It offers video metrics to gauge video testimonial performance for both teams and agency plan users, unlike Vouch, which offers this advanced functionality to only its Enterprise users. 


Any drawbacks of VidScout?

  • VidScout calls itself an “all-in-one” tool but lacks video editing capabilities. 
  • Like other tools such as Trust, VidScout could improve its testimonial customization with a larger library and themes.
  • No Zapier integration for automation (upcoming).


How do VidScout and Vouch compare in price?

VidScout has an unlimited free plan with limited features, such as form creation without testimonial customization and only up to three video testimonials. 

The Starter plan, priced at $17/mo, is super affordable compared to Vouch’s $600/mo.

However, for a custom domain, video metrics, and >4 video length, you must opt for the Pro plan, which costs $37/mo and suits SMEs. The Agency plan for $97/mo is for you if you’re a larger agency or an enterprise.


Vouch alternative #3: Senja

Senja is a newly-launched yet popular testimonial tool you must watch out for in 2024. It has a very user-friendly interface with pretty advanced customizations. 

Although Senja does not have a Q&A-like format to collect video responses similar to tools like Trust or Vouch, the platform’s ready-made templates make testimonial collection easy. 


How does Senja outperform Vouch?

Here’s what we loved about Senja:

  • The tool’s rich UI is extremely beginner-friendly and is loved by SMEs, creators, and freelancers
  • Unlike Vouch’s limited customization, Senja offers over 100+ widgets and Walls of Love that you can use to display social proof. 
  • Senja lets you import existing reviews onto your dashboard for publishing from 20+ sources like Shopify, PlayStore, Reddit, G2, etc. We did not find such an import functionality in Vouch. 
  • Unlike Vouch, Senja has a forever-free plan where you can collect up to 15 text and video testimonials.


Any drawbacks of Senja?

  • Unlike Trust, Senja does not support adding a Q&A series to testimonial forms, which could make submission seamless for users.
  • You can create only up to 3 testimonial forms and re-use them under the Starter paid plan.
  • Unlike Trust and VidScout, Senja does not auto-generate subtitles for video testimonials.


How do Senja and Vouch compare in price?

Senja has straightforward annual pricing plans – Starter for $16/mo and Pro for $31/mo. This is a steal for similar features Vouch offers for a much higher price point. It also has an Agency plan, which is custom-priced. 

Although both of Senja’s plans offer unlimited testimonials, you can only create 3 and 10 forms under each plan – making testimonial form personalization harder. 


Vouch alternative #4: VideoAsk

VideoAsk is your tool if you love having personalized video conversations for feedback. The tool lets you connect face-to-face with customers through video.

It also allows an asynchronous format for video feedback collection, where you set pre-recorded video questions for which your customers can send video, audio, or a written review as a response. 


How does VideoAsk outperform Vouch?

We loved VideoAsk for its versatility, and here are other features that make it a great alternative to Vouch:

  • Best for sales teams. You can create full-fledged video funnels by integrating testimonial collection into the mix. 
  • Outstanding conditional logic to build a seamless testimonial request flow. 
  • More affordably priced despite the advanced functionality, unlike Vouch. 
  • Submitters can choose from over 12+ answer types to your video or text questions, such as videos, audio, NPS, multi-choice selection, etc. Offering such flexibility can boost your customer response rates for feedback. 


Any drawbacks of VideoAsk?

  • Unlike Trust, you cannot collect star ratings with VideoAsk’s forms, which are beneficial in attracting website visitors. 
  • Limited video minutes for its paid plans.
  • Lack of a wide variety of testimonial display options, for example, widgets, Walls of Love, or pop-up forms.


How do VideoAsk and Vouch compare in price?

VideoAsk has a free plan, unlike Vouch. The plan includes up to 20 video/audio minutes – roughly ten 2-minute-long video testimonials.

The Grow plan is great for small teams of up to 5 members. However, your videos are partially VideoAsk branded. The Brand plan offers white labeling and up to 10 members. 

You can contact VideoAsk’s team if you’re an enterprise or a larger agency looking for a customized plan.


What is the best Vouch alternative? 

Video testimonials are an undisputable way to increase trust in website visitors and potential customers. So it only makes sense to choose a video testimonial software wisely.

We hope our list of Vouch alternatives helps you make a smart decision while not burning a hole in your pocket or wasting time learning a tool. 

So what’s the best Vouch alternative?

It’s Trust. A fully automated and affordable solution with a minimal learning curve, Trust makes the end-to-end process of testimonial collection a breeze. 

Try it to believe it! Sign up for the 14-day all-access free trial today.

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