We Tested Top 5 Trustmary Alternatives – Here’s What We Found (2024)

Have you tried using Trustmary and want to upgrade your testimonial collection process? Or looking for a more affordable alternative to Trustmary? 

Luckily, your search ends here.

In this in-depth review, we’ve tested the top five Trustmary alternatives, so you don’t have to. 

Below are the best Trustmary alternatives we’ll be reviewing:

Trust, Senja, Vocal Video, VideoPeel, and Famewall.

Let’s dig in.


What is Trustmary? 

Trustmary is a decent site for businesses and individuals looking to collect and display customer reviews at scale. 

Since videos are the next big thing, Trustmary allows a seamless collection of video testimonials using a straightforward and easy “record and send” process.

Trustmary’s video testimonial collection form


But why do you need to look for Trustmary alternatives? 

Although Trustmary is one of the best testimonial platforms out there, it lacks in some areas, such as:

  • Users complain of a bit of a learning curve adapting to some features.
  • It has very limited video editing options.
  • Lack of video testimonial transcription, which is key to making reviews attractive.
  • The different pricing plans for testimonial display and collection may confuse most users.
  • Is slightly pricier and may not suit solopreneurs and small businesses. 
  • Certain survey features are hard for beginners. 

Let’s get into our top Trustmary alternatives without further ado.


Trustmary alternative #1: Trust 

Trust is the best alternative to Trustmary, and we have proof.

Trust is your one-stop destination for video and written testimonial collection and display.

An intuitive and user-friendly tool that requires no coding or design knowledge makes Trust the most sought-after Trustmary alternative. 


How does Trust outperform Trustmary?

Here’s a glimpse of Trust’s noteworthy features that surpass Trustmary’s functionality:

  • Smart and Interactive forms to build conversational video surveys. These forms allow question-and-answer-based testimonial collection–cutting your customers’ time and efforts by half.
  • Trustmary has no video editing or formatting capabilities. But Trust lets you edit videos even if you’re not from a design background. Trust’s handy video editor (upcoming) lets you piece together customer video reviews, add music, edit font, and more.
  • Trust has a simpler solution to displaying video testimonials and reviews than Trustmary, with its ready-made widgets, pop-ups, and rich snippets. You must only prepare your testimonial and copy-paste Trust’s code into your website builder. 
  • AI has taken the world by storm, and Trust ensures you get a piece of it. The in-built AI Testimonial Generator can help your clients write testimonials using just a few keywords. 


Any drawbacks of Trust?

  • Trust has no video metrics tracking feature currently.
  • Trust does not have a free-forever plan but has a freemium plan with a 14-day trial period


How do Trustmary and Trust compare in price? 

Trust’s pricing plans

Trust’s annual plans start from just $16 monthly, including testimonial collection and display. Whereas Trustmary’s Display package alone starts from $15.8 a month, and the Collection package starts from $24.1 a month. 

Trust has straightforward, no-BS pricing plans compared to Trustmary.

Its Off the Ground plan suits small to mid-sized businesses and costs $41/mo. It’s Business plan, costing just $83/mo, is suitable for enterprises with a higher monthly visitor count. 


Who is Trust for?

1. Suitable for solopreneurs and freelancers looking for an affordable, extensive client testimonial collection tool.

2. Suitable for small to mid-sized companies and growing enterprises like SaaS companies and agencies.

Want a sneak peek? Sign up for Trust’s credit card-less 14-day free trial.


Trustmary alternative #2: Senja 

Senja is a recently launched easy-to-use testimonial collection tool.

It supports the collection of text and video testimonials and offers advanced customization capabilities.

Senja has a rich user interface compared to Trustmary and is relatively priced more affordably. 


How does Senja outperform Trustmary?

Let’s check out Senja’s outstanding features and benefits that outshine Trustmary: 

  • A simple yet powerful all-in-one dashboard makes Senja more user-friendly for testimonial collection and display than Trustmary.
  • Senja has advanced customization capabilities compared to Trustmary. For example, using Senja’s Social Proof Studio, you can choose to display client testimonials from over 100 widget templates and Walls of Love.
  • You can collect unlimited video and text testimonials on any paid plan.
  • Senja supports video testimonial time of up to 500 minutes per video, which is higher than most tools in the market.
  • You can import reviews from over 20 review platforms, whereas Trusmary lets you import from six platforms. 

Senja’s editable testimonial collection form 


Any drawbacks of Senja?

  • Senja has no all-access free trial, unlike tools like Trust.
  • Has no question-and-answer format for video testimonial collection, which could’ve made the submitter’s work easier. 
  • Since it is newly launched, Senja is not yet an all-in-one, extensive testimonial collection tool.
  • Does not have video editing or formatting features. 


How do Trustmary and Senja compare in price? 

Senja pricing

Senja has a limited free plan and two pricing plans – Starter for $15/mo and Pro for $32/mo – annual payments. 

Starter is great for freelancers or consultants needing custom branding. Pro is perfect for SMBs with five or fewer users, Zapier integration for automation, and an API to create custom integrations. 

Senja is a more affordable solution than Trustmary, which offers a limited number of video responses in a month at a higher price.


Who is Senja for?

1. Senja’s limited free plan may suit newbie consultants or freelancers exploring the world of testimonials.

2. Small businesses can benefit from Senja’s unlimited testimonials.


Trustmary alternative #3: Vocal Video

Vocal Video is popular for its rich user interface for testimonial collection. 

It’s a versatile video marketing tool that allows users not just to collect testimonials but also to record and showcase client stories, thought leadership talks, employee videos, and more.

Vocal Video also has an advanced built-in video editor that’s perfect for non-designers.

Vocal Video’s Video Collector tool to collect client responses 


How does Vocal Video outperform Trustmary?

Below are some of Vocal Video’s features that we found to outshine Trustmary:

  • Vocal Video gives you a quick start to the testimonial collection thanks to its 50+ ready-made video templates. You can start creating a Video Collector from scratch or use a pre-made template.

Vocal Video’s Video Collection templates with client questions

  • The tool can auto-add subtitles and transcript videos, unlike Trusmary, which doesn’t support this feature. 
  • Has a powerful built-in video editor for post-production of video testimonials.
  • Has an extremely user-friendly interface with little to no learning curve.
  • You can create stunning video galleries to display social proof within the tool. For example, exhibit testimonials such as carousels, slides, Walls of Love, etc.


Any drawbacks of Vocal Video?

  • Vocal Video’s rich interface comes at a high cost. The basic plan costs a whopping $33/mo for annual billings and $99/mo for quarterly billings. And there’s no monthly payment option.
  • Very limited video publishing capability. For example, the Plus plan lets you publish only three videos monthly.
  • It limits the number of questions you can ask, for example, up to 5 in Plus and 10 in Pro plans.


How do Trustmary and Vocal Video compare in price? 

Vocal Video pricing 

Firstly, Vocal Video has no monthly payment plans, which can affect solo business owners and small businesses. 

Trustmary and Vocal Video have similar price points. However, the latter has a single package for video collection and display.

Vocal Video has a free-forever plan with limited functionality. Its least-priced plan costs $99/mo for quarterly payments and$33/mo for annual payments. 

If you need to add more client questions and experience white-labeling–go for the Pro plan.


Who is Vocal Video for?

1. Mid to large companies or agencies with adequate budgets.

2. Marketing teams that need rich templates for a quick start into testimonial collection.


Trustmary alternative #4: VideoPeel

Looking for an uncomplicated customer feedback platform with basic yet effective functionality?

Then VideoPeel could be a great Trustmary alternative for you.

VideoPeel offers 40+ templates for various customer video use cases, such as product unboxing videos, virtual consultations, video ads, etc. 

VideoPeel dashboard


How does VideoPeel outperform Trustmary? 

What makes VideoPeel stand out? Let’s discuss:

  • VideoPeel does not cap video minutes or the number of publishable videos for paid plans – Pro and up.
  • Supports plenty of user-generated content use cases with 40+ templates and curated suggestions to improve your video marketing results. 
  • Ecommerce and retail companies looking to generate product video reviews can benefit from VideoPeel’s customizable templates for video testimonials.


Any drawbacks of VideoPeel? 

  • Does not offer advanced video editing features other than video trimming and basic customization. 
  • The 7-day free trial asks for credit card details.
  • The Pro plan does not offer video transcription. 
  • You cannot create survey-like forms with a Q&A series to collect engaging testimonials. 


How do Trustmary and VideoPeel compare in price? 

VideoPeel pricing 

Unlike Trustmary, VideoPeel is priced more affordably, with basic plans starting as low as $9.99/mo for monthly cycles and $4.99/mo for annual cycles. 

The Pro plan suits small businesses, costs $49/mo, and offers unlimited video submissions and up to five campaigns. If you’re a growing business with a decent budget, then the Premium VideoPeel plan is great for unlimited campaigns and videos.


Who is VideoPeel for?

1. Small businesses that need a basic testimonial collection solution for a budget. 

2. Amazon shops and eCommerce companies looking to capture product-based customer videos.


Trustmary alternative #5: Famewall

Famewall is a fluff-free alternative to Trustmary that allows a flexible testimonial collection.

You can publish testimonials as a standalone page and add them to your website, social media, or email marketing campaigns. 

You can import testimonials from over 20+ sources, and it offers unlimited page views–making it a creator favorite. 

A testimonial collection wall as a landing page


How does Famewall outperform Trustmary?

Here’s everything Famewall excels in compared to Trustmary:

  • Unlike Trustmary, which allows limited page views, Famewall has no cap on the number of page views or minutes for every paid plan. 
  • You can import testimonials to your Famewall account from 25+ sources like Twitter, LinkedIn, App Stores, etc. Whereas in Trustmary, you can only import from six sources. 
  • Multiple creative widget types to display social proof. For example, award-style widgets, customer avatar widgets, graphic carousels, and more.
  • You can create SEO-optimized brand pages to display your products with social proof to impress potential customers. 


Any drawbacks of Famewall?

  • There is no Q&A-like video survey to collect testimonials like the ones in Trust. 
  • Has basic functionality and may not suit larger enterprises or agencies.
  • Does not offer video analytics or reporting.
  • There are no video editing options yet.


How do Trustmary and Famewall compare in price?

Famewall is clearly a cheaper alternative to Trustmary, with plans starting at $11.99/mo.

The Professional plan costs $29.00/mo for monthly payments with 10 custom domains and up to 15 published testimonials and brand pages. 

Famewall’s Business plan at $99.99/mo is for teams with 10 members and offers unlimited everything. 


Who is Famewall for?

Considering Famewall is a relatively new testimonial tool with limited yet sufficient features, it suits creators and freelancers the most due to its affordable price range. 


The final verdict: What’s the best Trustmary alternative to collect testimonials? 

Video testimonials build your brand’s reputation.

So it’s key to choose the best tool that makes social proof collection enjoyable and one that does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Here’s an unbiased wrap-up of our top 5 Trustmary alternatives:

  • Trust: An end-to-end video testimonial software that’s affordable, intelligent, and easy to use.
  • Senja: Offers a rich user interface and beautiful testimonial display options but has basic functionality.
  • Vocal Video: Rich UI with decent functionality but pricey for solo and small businesses. 
  • VideoPeel: A straightforward approach to user testimonials and is budget-friendly.
  • Famewall: A newbie in the market with an affordable price range and unique but basic features.

And we have a clear winner – presenting Trust. Your go-to video testimonial software to create an effortless testimonial workflow in seconds–all within your budget. 

So let your testimonials do the talking. Hurry up and sign up for the 14-day all-access free trial!

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